Heidi Rula, MD
Concierge Medicine, Family Medicine, Functional Medicine

Dr. Rula is one of Phoenix’s Top Doctors and a sought-after integrative medicine physician, who combines the best of science-based practice from conventional and complementary medicine to help her patients achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Rula served as the medical director of the University of Arizona Integrative Health Center where she led a team of physicians and complementary practitioners in a unique model of integrative primary care medicine that she helped to develop along with Dr Weil and the UA Center for Integrative Medicine. She has been a practicing physician in the Valley for approximately 20 years, initially as a private practice family physician and later on as the founder of an integrative women’s health practice in Mesa.

It is Dr. Rula’s belief that optimal health is best achieved when a patient can develop a partnership with his or her physician. As a fellowship-trained Integrative medicine physician she focuses on taking care of the whole person, mind/body/spirit, to help each patient find his or her path to wellness. Her integrative and functional medicine training give her the tools to seek out the underlying cause of an illness that may be due to interactions between lifestyle factors, genetic predisposition, and environmental exposures. She utilizes advanced laboratory testing to help her identify these imbalances.

Dr. Rula completed her medical degree at the University of Arizona and her residency in family medicine at Banner Good Samaritan in Phoenix, AZ. After completing her fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil she went on to receive extensive training in functional medicine. Her areas of special interest are women’s health, bio-identical hormone replacement, and functional medicine.

As a comprehensive integrative medicine physician, Dr. Rula has been recognized by her colleagues as one of Phoenix’s “Top Doctors” in family medicine for several years. She is Board certified in Family Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Medicine and Arizona Academy of Family Practice.

Dr. Rula is married to Greg Rula who is a prominent general surgeon in the Valley. Together they have two teenage children. In her free time, Dr. Rula enjoys reading, skiing, travel, and fitness.

Dr. Rula brings a unique combination of integrity, caring, experience and prior patient successes into each encounter, meeting people where they are on their path toward wellness while working with the whole person, not just their medical condition. I recommend Dr. Rula for those seeking truly patient-centered, integrative and lifestyle-focused care.”

– Dr. Andrew Weil