PRP Facelift

LifeScape Premier is proud to be one of the few select Scottsdale providers of PRP Facelift; a unique approach to reviving your beauty using your own body’s platelet-rich plasma.

While the concept may seem a little spooky, the process leverages proven techniques that have been used in Sports Medicine for years, balanced with a safe and effective injectible that’s a standard in our arsenal of skin care options.  The process includes natural elements or “growth factors” from your body to stimulate collagen, cell rejuvenation and improve skin tone.

Hollywood insiders have been raving about PRP Facelift since the 2013 Oscar ceremonies and results can last longer than many topical applications.

The procedure is performed here, in a spa-like setting, in our state of the art medical facility in Scottsdale by trained skin care professionals.  Contact us to find out more about PRP Facelift or schedule an appointment to experience the journey to a younger you with an expert by your side.

The Proof Is In The Before & Afters

The aging process takes its toll on skin. It becomes thinner, loses fat and loses elasticity which allows wrinkles form. PRP Facelift promotes younger looking skin, as demonstrated below.