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Our Mission

At LifeScape, our mission is to inspire health. To introduce to all individuals the idea, and opportunity, to experience real health. Our team of health experts partner with you to inspire and empower health transformation, by taking the time needed to identify the root cause of symptoms and focusing on the totality of you.

To support you in your journey to ‘whole health for a whole life’ our beauty care takers only pursue quality solutions to your skincare needs, our functional nutritional experts identify underlying causes of conditions and find evidence-based solutions to facilitate true healing and optimized health.

We invite you to experience LifeScape and join our community of health-inspired individuals.


Our Team

Susan Wilder, MD

Dr. Susan S. Wilder, MD, IFMCP

LifeScape CEO, Founder & Concierge Care Physician

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Dr. Strohman

Dr. William J. Strohman, MD

Concierge Care Physician

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Dr. Pozun

Dr. Laurie M. Pozun, DO

Concierge Care Physician

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Dr. Zoë L. McMillen, MD

Concierge Care Physician

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Valere Ziske

Valere Ziske, FNP

SimpleCare Direct Provider

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Dana Bosselmann

Dana Bosselmann, MA, RDN, IFNCP

LifeScape Nutrition

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Noelle Cesario

Noelle Cesario, LME, CLT

LifeScape Aesthetics

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Jodi Stokes, Fitness Expert

LifeScape Fitness

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