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Dr. Heather McGee

  Aesthetics Injector 

For Dr. Heather McGee, a natural look is the best look. Over the last decade, she has honed her skills in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology to create her perfect blend of art and science. Helping others find their beauty and letting it shine is at the core of Dr. McGee’s passion.

Dr. Heather McGee holds a doctorate degree from the National University of Natural Medicine, in Portland, Oregon, the oldest accredited Naturopathic Medical School in North America. She has also spent the last 25+ years studying Oriental massage, anti-aging, healing herbs, holistic care, alternative therapies, reiki, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, nutrition and personal coaching. In addition to her Naturopathic training, she received her injector training from Allergan, Merz and Galderma and stays up to date on her top colleague’s best practices and the latest medical advancements.

In her down time, Dr. Heather McGee enjoys spending time with her family, raising her young son, riding her bike, building something new, and learning to garden in the Arizona desert.