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"I love virtually all the smoothies. I do the fruity ones with Suja organic mighty dozen green drink to get a super plant-based blast and the cocoa ones with flax milk and paleo protein powder for a healthy milkshake. 😋 I like the butternut squash bowl and use them as lunch, sides for dinner or with a poached egg for breakfast."
- Dr. Susan Wilder



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Health, Wellness & Therapeutic Services

Dr. Lisa Strohman

lisa-strohmanLearn more about Dr. Lisa Strohman and her Digital Citizen Academy 

Tina Duffy, Health & Wellness Coach
Reclaim your health and happiness today! Now is the time to revolutionize your relationship with your body, mind, and soul. I truly believe everyone has a limitless potential to achieve their desired life with their health and wellbeing. Sometimes you just need a little extra support and guidance to get you there. Allow me to be your guide on the side as you break free of old behavior and step into an abundant life of limitless potential.

Receive a FREE initial consultation ($125 value) with Health & Wellness Coach, Tina Duffy, when you mention LifeScape.

Successful Strategies Coaching


Have you done the work needed to be mentally prepared for retirement? Those that have, usually enjoy a long, fulfilled retirement enjoying the “now the fun begins” stage. Those who are not prepared, often panic when they retire because they don’t know what to do with themselves. Put a plan in place to ensure your career is heading in the right direction to get you to your end goal.

Lifescape Premier clients receive a complimentary 1-hour Meet and Greet Session and a 10% discount on coaching sessions. Learn more about getting started today.

Bonnie Lewis Design


Bonnie J. Lewis Design specializes in luxury interior design that merges beauty with functionality, emphasizing spaces that adapt to aging and changing needs without sacrificing style. The firm is dedicated to crafting inspiring, functional, and accessible environments, helping homeowners rediscover love for their evolving homes. With a focus on innovation and well-being, Bonnie J. Lewis Design ensures that each project balances contemporary aesthetics with safety and longevity, making it an ideal choice for luxury homeowners seeking to invest in their homes for the future.
Watch this video to see the work Bonnie has done for the LifeScape community. 

Mention LifeScape for a complimentary 1-hour initial consultation with Bonnie.

Choulet Wellness

Choulet Wellness Team Photo 2

There’s a fine line between mental health and physical health and at Choulet Wellness, we use evidence-based methods to help their patients find symptom relief as well as optimal outcomes for whatever life stressors they are dealing with.
"Together, we are dedicated to supporting the LifeScape community with our bespoke, evidence-based mental health care. Whether you are a high-performing professional, athlete, devoted family member, or simply seeking to elevate your mental well-being, our flexible in-person and virtual sessions ensure you receive the highest quality personalized care. We look forward to serving you with the exceptional attention and tailored support you deserve."

SPECIAL OFFER: LifeScape members receive a 10% discount for psychology/therapy services with Dr. Jani and a 10 minute complimentary discovery call with Choulet psychiatrists.

Loiacono Performance Therapy


Loiacono Performance Therapy - https://adamloiacono.com/ Image (may look best if left-justified...to the side of text) Loiacono Performance Therapy is a one-stop shop providing concierge physical therapy and performance training services either in-home for clients are in-office in Scottsdale. Adam Loiacono, founder of Loiacono Performance Therapy, takes a systems approach to his clients by evaluating their entire body and performance, not just their 'problem' or 'system'.
“Joining the LifeScape team instantly elevates the level of care I can provide my clients and athletes. LifeScape is dedicated to integrating all disciplines that can enhance the health & performance of their clients. I could not be more proud to partner with this vision of collaboration and integration.”

SPECIAL OFFER: LifeScape members receive 10% off base hourly rate!

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Understand your radiology results like never before.

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 Let us show you what is going on inside of your body by upgrading to the radiology report of the future: A VIDEO report.

Get your images explained to you visually by an imaging expert.  Our video reports are like having a radiologist in the room with you showing and explaining your personal radiology findings using everyday language, comparison to normal examples, 3D models and more.

LifeScape Concierge Care patients receive 10% off Mediphany Video Reports.  (Use discount code LIFE10)




Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) provides therapeutic healing from within supporting both the root of the issue and symptoms at the same time. PEMF provides a safe, relaxing, and non-invasive therapy that charges your cells by sending energy waves through the body. That energy improves immunity, circulation, and oxygenation. PEMF destroys weak cells, recharges damaged tissues, bones and organs stimulating cellular repair and regeneration. The ability to reduce inflammation at a cellular level means that everything heals faster with PEMF.

LifeScape clients receive complimentary  redlight with all PEMF sessions and 10% discount on PEMF packages. Learn more at https://joltpemflab.com/

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