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LifeScape Recipes: Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

As we step into the holiday season, staying committed to a healthy eating plan can become more challenging. With many holiday favorites packed with unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients, indulging...

Breast Cancer Awareness: A Chat with Dr. McMillen

For Breast Cancer Awareness month we sat down with LifeScape physician Dr. Zoë McMillen for an intimate chat about risk factors, screenings, and steps we can take to help prevent breast cancer.

LifeScape Recipes: Beet Apple Fennel Salad

Let's bring a burst of color and flavor into your kitchen this week. This bright and beautiful dish is perfect for any occasion!

An Ounce of Prevention + My Ambitious Goals for Every Patient

This month marks eighteen years since I founded LifeScape. I set out with the mission to address one of the biggest frustrations in U.S. healthcare: the presumption that most chronic diseases must...

Advanced Cardiovascular Testing for Risk Factor Identification

Reducing cardiovascular risk is an important piece of overall health. The common ways to reduce this risk is to maintain a normal lipid panel, fasting glucose level, and A1c level. In addition,...

The ApoE Gene: Diet & Lifestyle Modifications

Genes control the function of every cell in your body. Some genes determine basic characteristics, such as the color of your eyes and hair. Certain genes make you more likely to develop diseases....

LifeScape Recipes: Mocktails

Healthy alternatives to your favorite alcoholic beverages! 

How to Treat Fine Lines Under Eyes [8 Expert Tips]

I had a lovely new patient come in for her initial consultation with me the other day. Before we even sat down she expressed her concern: “I need to stop these fine lines from getting deeper!” and...

5 Steps to Optimize Your Doctors' Visit

At LifeScape you have us! You have physicians dedicated to your health and who can take the time needed to address your concerns. Unfortunately, when working with health insurance based...

LifeScape Recipes: Zucchini Noodles with Pesto and Organic Tempeh

This perfectly healthy pasta-alternative is a great week night meal for two!