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Optimal Health and

Transformative Care

Our Concierge Care Physicians


Dr. Susan S. Wilder, MD, IFMCP

Currently closed to new patients

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Dr. Strohman

Dr. William J. Strohman, MD

Accepting new patients

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Dr. Pozun

Dr. Laurie M. Pozun, DO

Accepting new patients

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Dr. Zoë L. McMillen, MD

Accepting new patients

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What Concierge Care Means For You

With Concierge Care at LifeScape, we incorporate a functional medicine approach, to painstakingly evaluate your history, genetic risks, and lifestyle, to get to the roots of your conditions, without merely slapping a prescription or a “band-aid” on a serious health issue.

Our comprehensive suite of medical services is offered by the best doctors in Arizona and unparalleled staff.


Choosing our Concierge Care plan means you receive:

  • Proactive, transformative care

  • Collaborative partnership with your care team

  • More time with your doctor, unhurried healthcare

  • Personalized medicine and advanced nutritional interventions

  • Convenient office hours and patient-centered services

  • Telemedicine visits for when coming to the office isn’t an option

  • One-stop convenience for your family’s health, nutrition, and beauty needs

  • A stunning, spa-like office setting

  • Access to your physician 24/7

  • Access to a dedicated health coordinator 24/7

  • Email access for scheduling appointments, receiving referrals and prescription refills



"LifeScape's Concierge Care provides a completely different kind of

healthcare. One that focuses on the totality of you. Our award-winning practice puts the patients first.We go well beyond simply throwing prescriptions at a problem, and look at the root causes of illness. We invite you to experience the difference Concierge Care can make. We’re committed to ‘whole health for a whole life’ for you at LifeScape."

- Dr. Susan Wilder, CEO & Founder of LifeScape


Patty Wynne HeadshotPatty Wynne
Director of Practice Development

(480) 860-5500 ext 108 | pwynne@lifescapepremier.com


Patty Wynne serves as a direct point of contact for our patients and looks forward to hosting your meet & greet at LifeScape!

Download our Concierge Care Brochure here.

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