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Personalize your experience

Tell us a little bit more about your experience in the kitchen, culinary habits and preferences! I use these insights to better address the community needs and goals.

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Healthy Kitchen Healthy You Club is designed to be a fully immersive experience to inspire you to make real, nourishing food at home to create a foundation of health. We want you to both expand your knowledge AND live it daily. Beyond the core recipes, you can participate in live monthly video group chats moderated by Dana.

Mark Your Calendars: For the 3rd Thursday at 12pm MST every month


Optimize your environment

Dress for success
Don a special apron and a chef's hand towel to look and feel the role!
Reset your energy before cooking
A simple green salad can taste amazing prepared with the right intention
Set the ambience
Mood is everything! Music, podcasts, audio books all help to elevate your time in the kitchen
Meet yourself where you are
Feeling energetic? Prep several meals at once for the week. Feeling hungry and rushed? Try something simple and nourishing like a bowl of miso soup with a handful of fresh spinach and a dash of ginger