Training with LifeScape

Enrolling in a training program with LifeScape is great way for you to kickstart your health journey. Our fitness center is equipped with everything you need including weights, medicine balls, TRX bands, Bosu balls, resistance bands and more. A few of the benefits for using a coach include:

– A trainer establishes an exercise habit
– Aids in creating motivation and accountability
– Working with a coach is educational – you’ll learn more about yourself and staying healthy
– They assist in creating healthy / safe requirements – proper form, past injury assessment, etc.
– They will help you set realistic goals

While working with a fitness coach can certainly help you get started, it’s only part of the process. A healthy lifestyle, and whole health, requires a commitment in all aspects of life. Which is why partnering with LifeScape in your health journey can be transformational for so many patients. Our services include fitness, nutrition, concierge health and aesthetics – for complete health & beauty inside and out!

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Fitness Services

Athletic Training
Improving the clients mobility, flexibility and endurance whether it be for a specific sport or for overall wellness. This program will assist in creating lean muscle mass and increasing speed and strength.

Price: $75/hour per session pay as you go or purchased as a program.

Weight Loss
Assisting the client on their weight loss journey. Creating a workout routine that will aid them to lose weight, build muscle, and confidence.

Price: $75/hour per session pay as you go or purchased as a program.

Metabolic & Balance Exercise Program
Increase your durability, flexibility and overall functional movement of your body. This program will assist in strengthening your joints, core and overall strength, while in some cases increasing the speed of activity during the exercises.

Price: $75/hour per session pay as you go or purchased as a program.

LifeScape Fitness Tailored to You
Fitness Coach creates an overall wellness and fitness program specifically tailored just for your needs. It will assist you to meet all of your wellness & fitness goals.

Price: 6 Sessions $450  |  12 Sessions $900 | 24 Sessions $1800  |  36 Sessions $2700

Fit3D - High Tech Body Scan

What’s Your Health Potential?

LifeScape and Fit3D Body Scanner. Find out today with our comprehensive & specialized scans. Fit3D is a high-tech 3D body scanner that tracks your progress with over 200 body measurements; providing you a clear path to improved health, wellness & fitness. Fit3D is now available to all LifeScape patients.

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