LifeScape Fitness Coach

Certified Strength and Athletic Trainer

Tyler comes to LifeScape as an Arizona native, from a family geared towards helping others. His father spent 30 years as a Firefighter with the coast guard, who now works for FEMA, and his mother is a psychologist and specializes in families with children who have special needs. Tyler has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care, with a background of over a decade in fitness training. He has exceptional experience in athletic and strength coaching with knowledge in physical rehabilitation, certifications in Strength and Athletic training, National US Soccer License, and received National Certification as an EMT.

Tyler trained individuals of all backgrounds and ages including, MLS, MLB, WNBA and NHL athletes. In his free time, Tyler loves to travel and explore new destinations with his wife and enjoys any form of physical activity including playing soccer, competing in adventure races and training in Krav Maga. Tyler considers himself a guardian and is strongly committed to helping others through his passion for fitness.

Training sessions are custom tailored to suit your needs and can be purchased as a package or hourly. Examples of Tylers sessions are below:

Athletic Training
Improving the clients mobility, flexibility and endurance whether it be for a specific sport or for overall wellness. This program will assist in creating lean muscle mass and increasing speed and strength.

Weight Loss
Assisting the client on their weight loss journey. Creating a workout routine that will aid them to lose weight, build muscle, and confidence.

Metabolic & Balance Exercise Program
Increase your durability, flexibility and overall functional movement of your body. This program will assist in strengthening your joints, core and overall strength, while in some cases increasing the speed of activity during the exercises.

LifeScape Fitness Tailored to You
Fitness Coach creates an overall wellness and fitness program specifically tailored just for your needs. It will assist you to meet all of your wellness & fitness goals.

6 Sessions $450  |  12 Sessions $900
24 Sessions $1800  |  36 Sessions $2700

All same program prices except the 4th program can be $75/hour per session pay as you go or purchased as a program.

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