SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing: Testing Catered to You

We take an in-depth look at our patients’ personal make-up and current level of health using advanced diagnostic tests and tools to get to the root of illness, ailments and maladies before creating a custom plan of action and care.  The SpectraCell Functional Intracellular Nutrient Analysis allows us granular insights into an individual’s cellular constitution and informs our decision making process to create a path to health and vitality.

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Why Test Micronutrients?

Nutrient status is a vital foundation of health. Each micronutrient plays an indispensable role in promoting optimal cell function. When some cells do not function at their best, the foundation of our health is compromised, setting the stage for the development of disease. Identifying and correcting nutritional deficiencies is an important step in the long-term maintenance of optimal health.

Vitamin deficiencies are not just a reflection of diet. Since we are all biochemically unique, nutrient deficiencies will vary from patient to patient, and do not necessarily correlate directly with nutrient intake, even among those with similar health conditions. Many factors beyond diet determine whether nutrient function is adequate. These include biochemical individuality, genetic predisposition, absorption and metabolism, age, disease conditions and medications.

What diseases / conditions are linked to nutrient imbalance?

Arthritis | Parkinson’s | Alcoholism | Substance Abuse | Behavioral Disorders | Cancer | Cardiovascular Diseases | Chronic Fatigue | Macular Degeneration | Diabetes | Immune Disorders | Multiple sclerosis | Stroke | And More…

Watch LifeScape Owner Dr. Wilder Speak on SpectraCell

Dr. Wilder appeared on ‘Balancing Act’ to speak on nutrient deficiencies and SpectraCell testing.

Get Your Personalized Results

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