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Posted on / Dr. Heather McGee

Introducing SKINVIVE by JUVÉDERM® at Lifescape Aesthetics

We're thrilled to announce a new offering at Lifescape Aesthetics: SKINVIVE by JUVÉDERM®. This innovative treatment enhances your skin's hydration and smoothness, providing a youthful glow in just minutes.


SKINVIVE by JUVÉDERM® is a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel, carefully injected in microdroplets beneath the skin's surface. Hyaluronic acid is crucial for maintaining skin hydration, and as we age, our skin loses HA, leading to reduced smoothness and increased fine lines. SKINVIVE directly addresses these issues by boosting the skin's hydration and helping it retain moisture.

The Benefits of Hydrated Skin

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. With SKINVIVE, your skin doesn't just look better—it glows. The treatment improves skin smoothness and reduces the appearance of fine lines, revitalizing your skin's overall appearance.

Quick and Convenient Treatment

A SKINVIVE session is quick, taking only about 10–15 minutes. It's perfect for anyone looking to enhance their skin without the downtime. The treatment is gentle, with minimal to no bruising, and the results can last up to six months. At $650 per session, it's an investment in your skin's health and beauty.

Click here to get started today with a complimentary consultation!

Click here to get started today with a complimentary consultation!

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