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8 Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Youthful Glow

It’s important to get a jump start on preventative skin care.  We all tend to think we’re invincible and that we’re not going to age.  But in reality, even people in their 20s need to develop good preventative skin care habits. These habits will change your skin and last you a lifetime.

It may be time to reconsider your beauty routines to make sure you have the best preventative skin care regimen in place to fight off skin issues like sun damage, wrinkles and aging.

It turns out, there are a slew of wrinkle-promoting and skin damaging habits you do every day -  without even realizing it!  

Stay Ahead of the Game with These 8 Preventative Skin Care Tips

Stop Sipping from a Straw

To straw or not to straw?  We’ve got the truth behind this wrinkly old wives’ tale.  Before you unwrap another straw, remember that pursing your lips around one can actually cause wrinkles. “When drinking out of a straw, the movement of the mouth area that you have to make will encourage the breakdown of collagen and elasticity more quickly, causing unnecessary wrinkles and lines,” says celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau.  (Marie Claire)  And it’s not just sipping from a straw that can cause some major skin damage, drinking out of water bottles are also collagen and elasticity killers. Instead, try drinking out of wide-mouthed bottles or glasses that don’t cause you to purse your lips.

Protect Your Peepers

You tend to be the first to show signs of aging because the skin is super delicate in that area.  If you are tired and stressed, it can all start to show around your eyes in the form of dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet.  Look for products that contain an emollient formula that has antioxidants or retinol.  Always keep sunglasses with you to protect against UV rays and help prevent wrinkles.  

Resting Your Face In Your Hands

Do you find yourself frequently resting your face in your hands? Maybe you’re even doing it right now.  Propping your face up in your hands can cause wrinkles to form in that exact spot.  Holding your face in your hands can break down elastic and collagen tissues from the pressure.  

Remove Your Makeup Every Night

It’s tempting to go to bed with a full face of makeup after a long day, but never skip this critical step to keeping your skin fresh! Remove all of the day’s dirt and grime that’s been sitting on your skin before you hit the pillow so your skin can properly repair itself.  

Never Skip Sunscreen.  Ever.  

Skipping sunscreen is the biggest mistake you can make. Apply sunscreen like you brush your teeth every day. It’s the most inexpensive preventative skin care treatment as well as the most effective. Make it a habit to wear SPF 30+ every. Single. Day.  

Make Your Wrinkle Cream Do Double Duty

Don’t worry about purchasing separate wrinkle creams for your neck, chest and face.  You can make your wrinkle-reducing face cream multi-task instead. It should do the trick any place you want to fend off the signs of aging.  

Apply Products in the Right Order

Apply each of your preventative skin care products the right way to ensure they’re most effective. Don’t waste time or kill off their anti-aging qualities by not applying them in the right order. Follow this order:

  1. Peel pads and toners
  2. Serums or gels
  3. Facial oils
  4. Lotions
  5. Creams
  6. Ointments or petrolatum-based solids like Vaseline

Hydrate and Humidify

When it’s hot out, you naturally crank up the A.C. And during the cold winter months, you turn up the heat. But central air can severely dry out your skin and cause premature aging and wrinkles around your face and eyes. How do you combat your parched skin? Try using a humidifier or always have water on hand. Even keeping a glass of water on your nightstand can increase the humidity while you catch those z’s. There are even small desktop humidifiers you can keep next to you while you work!  

Keep that youthful glow by adding these preventative skin care tips to your daily routine. It’s never too early to start anti-aging. The sooner the better!

Gym for Your Skin—Preventative Skin Care Membership

Maintaining healthy skin and searching for the “Fountain of Youth” is not about buying the latest miracle potion you see advertised on television or in department stores. Having great skin is a lifestyle—not a one-time facial and a grocery store cleanser.  Take the ultimate preventative care step with Gym for Your Skin Membership.  Simplify your skincare routine and get the skin worth glowing about!

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