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Cellulite Treatment: What Really Works?

Who doesn’t hate cellulite?! The lumps and dimples on our thighs, buttocks, and even abdomen area are a universal complaint among women, and the search for a cure seems to be endless.

So, what is cellulite?

Although most of us are well-aware of cellulite, many still have questions about what exactly it is, and why women get it.

Cellulite is enlarged fat cells in the subcutaneous layer trapped between hardening connective tissues - creating an “orange-peel” appearance on the surface of the skin.

Contributing factors include:

  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Poor Diet and Nutrition (sugar and simple carbs)
  • Exercise (or lack of)
  • Hydration
  • Smoking (poor circulation)
  • Alcohol
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes
  • Obesity

How can you treat cellulite?

The best way to combat cellulite is from the inside out. Cellulite can dramatically improve by making simple lifestyle changes that benefit your internal health.

A few examples of lifestyle modifications to consider:

  • Eat a fiber-rich diet
  • Consider a mostly plant-based diet
  • Limit sugar
  • Limit refined carbs

With dietary changes and a regular exercise routine, improvements to the appearance of cellulite are usually positive.

For some, no matter how healthy we are, genetics and hormone changes can still play a key role in the appearance of cellulite. Lucky for us, as technology evolves, so do treatments options.

DIY treatment options for cellulite

A few of the DIY treatment options I typically recommend for patients include:

All of these are great options to try at home first before taking additional steps to combat your cellulite.

Additional treatment options for cellulite, that actually work…

For those looking for a more dramatic improvement, there are a few treatment options we offer at LifeScape that help our patients achieve incredible results – smooth, flawless skin.

#1: Radio Frequency Laser treatments such as Venus Legacy improve the appearance of cellulite by shrinking the fat cells and tightening the skin. Multiple treatments spaced a week apart for several weeks are needed to see improvement.

#2: Sylfirm X's ultra-short, repeated pulses of microneedling with radio frequency allow for high-precision treatment - with little to no pain or down time! Patients can achieve tighter, firmer, more youthful looking skin, AND reduce the appearance of cellulite and other skin and texture ireegularities.

Learn more about Sylfirm X here.

For some, combination therapies might be more beneficial.

#3: Sculptra and PDO threads or sometimes referred to as 'sugar threads' since they are thin, dissolvable sutures that lift and tighten the skin, can be considered as an added treatment in combination with Venus Legacy or Profound for the best result. A consultation would be needed to determine the best course of action for your individual needs and outcomes. 

With any treatment, ongoing maintenance and a healthy lifestyle will prolong the results. And while there is no “cure” for cellulite, there are ways to diminish the appearance of cellulite so that you feel more comfortable and confident in your summer attire.

To learn more about the cellulite treatment options available at LifeScape, book a complimentary virtual or in-office consultation.

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