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Posted on / Noelle Cesario, L.M.E., C.L.T.

Preventative Aging, Botox in your 30's [A Client's Testimonial]

Have you reached your 30's and are starting to notice some of those fine lines slowly transform into wrinkles in front of your eyes? It's a moment none of us really like to acknowledge but it's a part of life that we simply can't ignore (and the positive side effect of being blessed with the opportunity to age!). However, if you want to get ahead of it - and stop watching those wrinkles get deeper - then now is the time to consider injectables like Botox.

Many of the patients we consult with who are new to injectables are a bit hesitant to get started.

Both because this means admitting to getting older, but also because they don't want to overdo it and come out the other side looking overly injected (we've all seen those nightmare before & afters!). 

This was exactly the case with Karen, one of our most recent Botox patients. She had just turned 34 and wanted to use her Beauty Insider special offer on an injectable appointment with Charity Correa, LifeScape's Nurse Injector.
In her initial appointment, Charity chatted with her about exactly what she was hoping to accomplish. Karen informed her that she was really starting to feel self-conscious about her forehead wrinkles (especially now with wearing a mask so often), didn't mind the under eye wrinkles as much (yet) and also wanted to keep a little bit of movement.
Charity proceeded with this information in mind and delivered what Karen described as "the perfect outcome".
"I couldn't be happier with the result of my first Botox treatment with Charity. She helped me achieve exactly what I was hoping for - a reduction in wrinkles but still maintaining a little movement. I feel like I look ten years younger, but if you saw me out and about, it would be hard to tell that I had gotten Botox," Karen shared with us a week after her appointment.
Everyone's skin needs & goals are different, which requires an individualized approach to care - even with something as seemingly simple as Botox. 
With that in mind, here are some things to know before getting Botox or Botox alternative for the first time:
  • Be mindful of allergies and supplements before your appointment. Aspirin, Fish Oil & Vitamin E use should stop a week prior to initial botox appointment because the use can increase bruising.
  • Results will typically show within 7-10 days with full affects resulting within 2 weeks.
  • Post care is a must! Do not lie flat during the first 4 hours post op; refrain from using aspirin, ibuprofen and above listed supplements for 24 hours following injection.
  • Refrain from wearing tight hats and aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate for 24 hours following injection, low impact exercises such as walking are fine. 


We're grateful for the opportunity to help so many of our patients achieve the skin of their dreams, and hope to help you too!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our LifeScape Aesthetics team today to learn more.


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