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LifeScape Premier is an innovative, award-winning Family Medicine practice serving all ages. Our vision is “whole health for a whole life.” We work in concert with you and your family towards a path of ideal health and vitality. LifeScape Premier offers exclusive, premium services for those seeking proactive, personalized care by exceptional physicians accountable to you, not constricted by your health plan. LifeScape provides the antidote to “hit-and-run” medicine. Investment in quality concierge healthcare is proven to improve your health outcomes while reducing overall health costs.

LifeScape Premier offers concierge medical  services for those who embrace the notion that we are personally responsible for our own health and wellness. Many people cling to the idea that their employers and insurers should foot the bill for subsidized healthcare and subpar service, even if to their own detriment. Only those who understand the value of investing in their own comprehensive care and superior service to appreciate the benefits of the direct care model, where we work for you, not your healthplan.

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Our Concierge Providers

Dr.Laurie M. Pozun

Laurie M. Pozun, DO

Dr. Pozun places the highest value on truly listening to her patients concerns, and has always felt that a physician’s ears are their best diagnostic tool. She considers it a privilege to be entrusted with the care of each and every patient in her practice and strives to provide an easy-going, comfortable atmosphere for patients to discuss their issues.

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*Currently accepting new patients

Dr.William J. Strohman

William J. Strohman, MD

Beyond enjoying the full spectrum of Family Medicine, Dr. Strohman has special clinical interests in male hormone management, functional medicine and sports related injuries, recently completing continued medical education in male testosterone manipulation, functional medicine courses on sugar/cholesterol management and speaks publicly on Male Health and Vitality.

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*Currently accepting new patients

Zoë McMillen, MD

Dr. McMillen practices full spectrum family medicine, and has particular interest in men and women’s health, dermatology, preventive medicine and is starting down the path of becoming certified in Functional Medicine. She believes in compassionate, evidence based care and truly listening to the patient.

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*Currently accepting new patients

Susan S. Wilder, MD, IFMCP

Concierge Physician, LifeScape Founder

Dr.Susan WilderDr. Wilder practices full-spectrum Family Medicine including well-woman, men’s health, pediatric and adolescent care, and geriatrics. She has written several textbook chapters and journal articles with specific emphasis on “patient centered” medicine and addressing the underlying causes of illness while reducing reliance on medications.

Dr. Wilder has special expertise in evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle interventions, hormone management, and advanced nutritional and genetic testing. She emphasizes collaborative, transformative care striving to make chronic disease obsolete.

*Currently closed to new patients.

What Concierge Medicine Means For You

With Premier Concierge Care, we incorporate a functional medicine approach, to painstakingly evaluate your history, genetic risks, and lifestyle, to get to the roots, without merely slapping a prescription or a “band-aid” on a serious health issue. Our comprehensive suite of medical services is offered by the best doctors in Arizona, unparalleled staff, and we offer you:

  • Nationally-recognized
  • Personalized medicine and advanced nutritional interventions
  • Convenient office hours and patient-centered services
  • One-stop convenience for many of your family’s health, nutrition, and beauty needs
  • Digital record management and quick E-prescribing
  • A stunning, spa-like office setting

Call Your Doctor When Needed

You will receive your doctor’s cell phone number for emergency use/after hours and access to your dedicated health coordinator’s number and E-mail address for appointments, referrals, and prescription refills.

  • More time with your doctor
  • Unhurried healthcare
  • Proactive, transformative care
  • Collaborative partnership with your care team
  • Old fashioned, high touch healthcare
  • Convenience
  • Advocacy and coordination of your care
  • No barriers to access your doctor
  • Awareness
  • Personal relationship with your physician
  • Comprehensive Executive Physical (see below)
  • Direct access via cell or e-mail with your concierge provider
  • Skype visits (4 per year) when clinically appropriate and direct visit impossible
  • Home visits when clinically appropriate if you are unable to come to the LifeScape clinic, for an additional fee
  • Direct advocacy and care oversight with specialists, emergency or hospital care teams, home, or nursing care (direct inpatient care generally done through hospital specialists with your concierge physician acting in advocacy and oversight position; please note that we cannot write orders in charts if not on hospital staff)
  • Consultation with our Aesthetics Technician, Noelle Cesario (National Trainer). You can book your consult online
  • Consultation with LifeScape Premier nutritional advisor and phone support as needed
  • Mental wellness / stress management or life planning or executive coaching consultation with Clinical Psychologist(phone visit capable)
  • High level of personal clinical support with convenient daytime phone contact
  • Preferred scheduling: same- or next-day appointments and longer visits
  • 2 Children under age 26 are included in the program for $500 when a parent joins (includes annual wellness exam and flu vaccine; other lab or vaccines not included)
  • LifeScape Premier administrative fee is included
  • A 15% discount on skin care, laser, nutritional services including weight management, as well as aesthetic and nutritional products. (Does not include injectibles, prescriptions and Venus Legacy)
  • Access to personal health records online via IQ Health
  • E-prescribing: prescriptions sent electronically to pharmacy or called in for expedited fulfillment
  • Health Risk Appraisal with body biometrics (BMI, body fat percentage)
  • Unhurried, personalized comprehensive physical exam and follow-up visit
  • Complimentary Cognitive Impairment & Neuropysch Screening
  • Comprehensive skin cancer screen with dermatoscopy if indicated
  • Complete lab panel
  • Pap smear if indicated (lab cytology or pathology portion bill to insurance)
  • Stool screening for occult blood if indicated
  • Prostate cancer screening including PSA if indicated
  • EKG and Impedance Cardiography test for Cardiovascular Function
  • Coordination of carotid venous studies on site
  • Lung function testing
  • Annual flu shot, if desired

Your annual executive physical is your time to meet with your physician to set your wellness goals, with another follow-up appointment in 3-4 weeks to review results. Routine visits are scheduled for 30 minutes, plus any additional items done in-house. (Example: EKG, injection(s), etc.) Some of our providers are contracted with insurance companies and in that case you would pay your co-pay for office visits.


Why Join The Program?

    • Desire for optimal health and transformative care
    • Want more aggressive management of chronic issues
    • Efficient care and access are important to you
    • Desire collaborative, proactive care
    • Seeking highly skilled health advocacy
  • See value of concierge access for your kids, teens, college students, and grandchildren
Alicia Fortune | Director of Practice Development

Our great “Fortune” is your Good Fortune.  Alicia Fortune is our Director of Practice Development overseeing Concierge Medicine, Nutrition and Fitness.  Alicia is LifeScape Premier’s direct point of contact for all of our Concierge patients, focusing on patient engagement management.  Alicia’s trademark is her passion for excellence and creating exceptional customer experiences.  Contact Alicia if you need assistance with anything Concierge.

How It Works?

LifeScape Premier is a direct medical practice wherein patients contract directly with their provider for services, free of insurance constraints. Membership is limited – well below that of a standard insurance-based medical practice – allowing for improved access and more thorough, personalized medical services.

There is an annual fee for these services that is outside of your insurance coverage. It can be paid by check, major credit card or through a Health Savings Account (HSA) at work. There are easy payment plans available as well (semi-annually or quarterly). We do offer discounts for couples and dependents, and corporate groups.

Understand the on-boarding process for new patients or review our Patient Experience section to learn more.

Contact us today to learn more and start your journey on a path to “Whole Health for a Whole Life” with LifeScape Premier concierge care.

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