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What is Concierge Medicine: Unlocking Better Health

Unlock better health and optimize your healthcare strategy with concierge medicine. If your primary care visits are limited to the annual physical, it's time to explore transformative options that prioritize your lasting health and happiness, beyond just one in-and-out visit each year.

Breaking away from the conventional healthcare approach opens the door to life-changing insights and changes. This is where concierge medicine takes center stage. 

If you aspire to have a healthcare connection marked by personalized attention and a proactive partnership, it's time to explore the unparalleled benefits of concierge medicine. This innovative healthcare model goes beyond the ordinary, offering you an elevated standard of care and a genuine health ally in your pursuit of a fulfilling and vibrant life.

How Concierge Medicine Works

Concierge medicine is different from your general medical care. Patients have access to enhanced healthcare, 24/7 access to their physician, an extensive comprehensive physical along with comprehensive labs, same day visits, care coordination and much more! Those are only some of the benefits experienced by LifeScape’s concierge care patients.

Who is a Good Fit for Concierge Medicine?

While anyone can reap the benefits of concierge medicine it is a particularly effective system for:

  • Patients managing a chronic condition
  • People with specific health goals and objectives
  • Individuals who believe in preventative healthcare
  • Those whose teens or college kids would benefit from direct access to a skilled healthcare provider they trust
  • Parents who want to provide the most proactive preventive care for their precious little ones
  • And those looking for a healthcare advisor and partner in their health, as well as a physician

Concierge medicine is the future of healthcare. With the recent advancements in technology, we’ve become accustomed to having access to everything we could possibly need at our fingertips. Concierge medicine is that unlimited and extremely convenient access for healthcare (NOTE: LifeScape Premier’s concierge doctors are even available by text/email/phone 24/7).

The Advantages of a Concierge Doctor

With a concierge doctor by your side, you no longer need to scramble to set up a last minute appointment. And no more visits to urgent care when you aren’t feeling well and need care fast. Your concierge physician is dedicated to being your partner through all your healthcare needs.

Joining a concierge medicine clinic means your physician cares about your whole health. Concierge physicians don’t simply prescribe medications that will address your symptoms. They focus on the root causes of your condition so that they can find the solution.

If you’re tired of spending more time with your general physician’s nurse than your actual doctor, or exhausted from treating symptoms rather than the root cause of your conditions – it’s time to consider concierge medicine.

Concierge physicians are determined to give you better care. By developing relationships, and spending more time with their patients, concierge physicians can provide you with more quality care. Not only will they address your current medical concerns, but they want to prevent future issues as well.

Age Gracefully With Concierge Medicine

Another remarkable advantage of concierge medicine lies in its ability to provide tailored care through every stage of life. Unlike traditional healthcare, where one-size-fits-all approaches may fall short, concierge medicine recognizes that health needs change with age. This personalized approach ensures that individuals, from the youngest members of the family to seniors, receive care specifically crafted for their unique circumstances. 

It's like having a dedicated healthcare guide who understands your health journey, offering support and attention that adapts as you grow and age. With concierge medicine, the continuity of care remains uninterrupted, creating a lasting partnership focused on promoting health, happiness, and overall well-being across the entire lifespan.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

Investing in concierge medicine may come with a slightly higher cost than traditional healthcare, but the advantages far outweigh the expense. Consider the annual concierge fee an investment in your long-term well-being. The personalized attention, proactive care, and round-the-clock access to your dedicated physician translate to a higher quality of life. 

With concierge medicine, you're not just treating ailments reactively; you're fostering a proactive approach to your health. The convenience, comprehensive care, and the peace of mind that come with having a healthcare partner dedicated to your well-being make the financial commitment a worthwhile choice. 

In the long run, the benefits of concierge medicine extend beyond immediate health concerns, contributing to a healthier and happier life.

Concierge Medicine Near Me

Interested in learning about how you can take advantage of concierge medicine in Scottsdale? Send us your questions or contact us today at 480-860-5500, ext. 108 to get more information and schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet with one of our concierge doctors.

At LifeScape Premier, our vision is “Whole Health for a Whole Life”. Let us guide you on the journey to whole health!

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