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Announcing LifeScape SimpleCare Direct

We are thrilled to announce that LifeScape Premier now offers two Direct Primary Care (DPC) options, Functional Medicine, advanced Nutrition/Health coaching, Aesthetics, and Fitness offerings.

DPC liberates us to serve YOU, the patient, with comprehensive, proactive, preventive care payable via simple monthly payments. LifeScape Premier’s Primary Care service offerings include:

  • LifeScape Simplecare Direct
  • LifeScape Concierge Wellness (our existing concierge program)
  • Comprehensive Functional & Integrative Medicine Evaluations/Executive Physicals

Learn more about the SimpleCare Direct plan here.

Access to our brilliant aesthetics & nutrition team, health products, Fit3D scanning/interpretation, Fitness coaching, Healthy Kitchen - Healthy Lives workshops or other events is open to everyone, you need not be a patient to take advantage of these services.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides patients with medical care that is unburdened by the red tape and financial agenda of insurances. With LifeScape's Simple Care Direct, a DPC model, patients will receive "whole health" care focusing on treating the root causes rather than medicating and managing symptoms. LifeScape patients will receive more time with their provider (2x the average), resulting in more efficient and effective care. The Direct Primary Care model is proven to provide long-term savings (over $1,500 annually) as quality and proactive medical care decreases the need for emergency room services, hospitalization, and unnecessary specialists. 

[Download the Infographic here]

Ready to make the switch to Direct Primary Care? Click here for more details on our SimpleCare Direct Plan.

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