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At Home Body Treatments for Silky Smooth Skin

Check out LifeScape Aesthetic's favorite at-home body treatments for silky smooth skin!

TransFORM Body Treatment

This award-winning cream from Alastin Skincare improves skin texture and crepiness.

Purchase it here (select LifeScape as your provider at checkout)


DIY Sweet Almond Oil Body Scrub

We love this hydrating almond oil body scrub recipe and make it weekly!

Check out the recipe


Exfoliate by Dry Brushing

Use a medium-firm, plant-based brush to exfoliate and improve blood circulation with dry brushing. We recommend:

1. Avoid brushing too vigorously or frequently as this can create small micro-cuts and cause irritation and dryness
2. Shower afterwards to rinse away the dead skin cells that were exfoliated.
3. Follow with a moisturizer while your skin is still damp
4. Dry brush 1-2 times per week

The brush should never break the skin and it also shouldn't hurt. Use a different brush for your face, since your face is much more delicate and needs a softer brush.

To get the silkiest, smoothest skin of your life, book a complimentary virtual or in-office consultation with LifeScape Aesthetics.

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