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Brilliant Health Breakthroughs Giveaway

Life can be incredibly tough at times. Sometimes, it can take a little support to get the emotional or mental fuel you need to find direction and meaning in challenging moments.

Whether you’re struggling with the balancing act of work versus family time, challenged with relationship woes, or battling a health condition, sometimes it may seem tough to muster the courage and strength to break through and live your fullest life possible.

If you’re fortunate enough, you have an individual in your life who inspires you to keep moving through these challenges.

They inspire you through their actions. Their strength, determination, willpower, commitment to others or pure kind-heartedness inspires you to be a braver, stronger, healthier more mindful, generous or caring person.

We aspire to align our actions, values, and lives with those of these individuals. And our lives wouldn’t be the same without them.

One of these brilliant people in my own life is Dr. Gladys McGarey, the “Mother of Holistic Medicine,” braved scorn and ridicule to press forward on a mission bringing holistic living medicine (as opposed to what she terms “killing medicine”) to the forefront - a mission she continues to actively promote at 97!

Dr. Gladys taught us the 5L’s of living medicine: Life, Love, Laughter, Labor, and Listening and reminds us, “Healing doesn’t really happen without love.” We are blessed to experience physician-patient partnerships full of life, love, laughter, labor and listening to and learning from each other. We all come away enriched even by the most challenging circumstances.

When asked, what is the “secret sauce” of LifeScape’s success, I think of these lessons and know we have created a powerful commitment to love, listen, laugh and cry, learn relentlessly, and never give up on each other. My staff celebrate our patient’s success, cry over our losses, and diligently try to learn from our failures. These are good rules of engagement for every family and the lessons that Dr. Gladys has helped me to learn.

Healing health care will not come from the top down but from every one of us becoming the best stewards we can of our own health.


Do you have someone in your life that fits this description - your Brilliant Being?

Now is your chance to recognize and thank them for being a Brilliant Being in your life by nominating them for our Brilliant Health Breakthrough giveaway.

We are giving away ONE admission to our exclusive 15-person Brilliant Health Breakthrough Retreat (valued at $2500) to a nominated Brilliant Being. The Brilliant Health Breakthrough is a day filled with rejuvenation, relaxation, meditation and wellness activities to revitalize the spirit, mind and body.

To nominate your Brilliant Being please complete this form with the information requested. We will evaluate all submissions and select a winner by April, 6th, 2018.

Here’s to many more Brilliant Health Breakthroughs!


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