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How Concierge Medicine Unlocks True Patient Satisfaction

Have you ever felt dissatisfied after you walk out of your physician’s door?  Maybe you felt like you weren’t being heard, you waited way too long or you only ended up getting about five minutes of your doctor’s time.

Whatever the reason may be, you should not settle for a dissatisfied feeling when it comes to one of the most important aspects of your life - your health.

Due to the nature of concierge medicine, partnering with a concierge provider in your journey towards whole health can help to eliminate that dissatisfaction and turn you into one truly satisfied patient.

The Proof is In the Research According to a survey released by Concierge Choice Physicians, 98 percent of patients polled stated that they are satisfied with the amount of patient-doctor communication available with concierge medicine.  Talk about some satisfied patients!

Concierge medicine at its core is about ensuring that you have access to highly qualified providers who focus on patient satisfaction and providing accessible, convenient quality care.  

Let us paint the picture of what it would look like to work with a concierge medicine provider.

When you partner with a concierge provider in your health journey, you can expect:

  • Doctors who give you same day or next day appointments
  • Doctors who talk to you by phone or email.
  • Doctors who take time with you to talk about issues and consider how they are related to your overall health.  
  • Doctors who focus on proactively addressing health concerns and collaboratively working alongside you
  • Doctors who look you in the eye and actually have a real bonafide conversation with you and listen.
  • Doctors who give you direction access to their email and cell phone.
  • Need to go to the emergency room?  They can meet you there.
  • Doctors who know your health history and who you feel connected to.  
  • Doctors who serve as agents for their patients—ordering tests when necessary, getting appointments with specialists, etc.
  • Doctors who handle around 500 patients instead of seeing about 2,500 -- LifeScape Premier handles less than 300 Patients per provider.
  • Doctors who treat you as a person instead of a number.  You are not another body on the assembly line or number coming through their rotating door.

While it may sound too good to be true, it is real. Choosing concierge medicine allows you to breathe a big sigh of relief when it comes to managing your health.  


Unlock Patient Satisfaction with Concierge Care

With concierge medicine, you can enjoy greater connectivity, more time and more convenience.  Sick and tired of feeling like a number?  Lock into a close relationship with a trusted physician who wants to practice good medicine, not fast medicine.  Better connections means better care.

Concierge medicine providers prioritize:

  • A powerful focus on your long-term health.  Concierge medicine allows you to have much more meaningful face-to-face time with your doctor.  This means better communication and longer appointments—ultimately more time discussing your health.  Having a doctor familiar with your entire medical history can help them make important connections, diagnoses and treat the cause of the problem.  They provide preventative—not reactive—care.  With more time to look at your health history as a whole each visit, concierge doctors are able to identify and diagnose issues as they are developing, instead of when they are already serious. A major factor that sets concierge medicine aside from traditional practices is the proactive and preventative care.
  • A solid physician-patient relationship.  With their 24/7 availability, concierge physicians really have time to truly listen to your symptoms and build a relationship based on trust.  
  • A deeper understanding of your medical history and health.  They have more time to take their time to do research and discuss treatment options for your unique health issues.  

The best outcomes occur when there is a strong relationship between the doctor and the patient.  Patient satisfaction is a key component for long-term success and with concierge medicine you will have better health, more time, more trust and more satisfaction.  

When it boils down, concierge medicine is a free market solution to a broken payor system. In concierge care, the patient determines the value proposition. There are a wide range of price points based on supply and demand, experience level of your provider, and quality of service provided.

Find Your Ideal Health with LifeScape Premier

LifeScape Premier is an innovative, award-winning Family Medicine practice serving all ages. Our vision is “whole health for a whole life.” We work in concert with you and your family towards a path of ideal health and vitality. LifeScape Premier offers exclusive, premium services for those seeking proactive, personalized care by exceptional physicians accountable to you, not constricted by your health plan. LifeScape provides the antidote to “hit-and-run” medicine. Investment in quality concierge healthcare is proven to improve your health outcomes while reducing overall health costs.


Contact us today to learn more and start your journey on a path to “Whole Health for a Whole Life” with LifeScape Premier concierge care.



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