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COVID-19 Symptom Guide

COVID-19 Symptoms include loss of sense of smell/taste, fever, muscle aches, headache, dry cough, shortness of breath, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, blue toes. For more information check out our COVID-19 Symptom Guide below or download our handout here!

If ANY Symptoms, Positive Nasal Swab or COVID-19 IgM or IgA Antibody:

  • PRESUME you have COVID-19 and self-isolate
  • Isolation = STAY HOME w/ separate room/ bathroom, avoid any social contact for 10 days after positive test or until symptoms resolved 72hr, whichever is longer.

  • Notify contacts from past 2 weeks they should quarantine for 14 days & monitor for symptoms

  • Keep at least 6 feet from anyone and wear a mask in any public or shared space

  • Cough into your elbow or a tissue and discard it immediately

  • Wash hands often for 20sec and wipe down all commonly touched surfaces multiple times daily – especially phones, keyboards, doorknobs/handles. Cleaner options:

    • dilute bleach solution 2T chlorine bleach to 1 quart water

    • 60-90% isopropyl alcohol wipe or spray (high proof vodka less effective =40% alcohol)

    • Wash clothing, towels, linens, cloth masks frequently at hottest temperature allowable

    • Close lid when flushing toilet (add chlorine tab in toilet tanks)

    • Use nebulizer medications in closed room– nebulizer use can aerosolize COVID-19 virus

    • Dry clean garments or in dryer dry-cleaning after every wearing

    • Disinfect hampers and trash receptacles often

Symptoms of COVID-19 May Include:

NOTE: 80% of patients have mild symptoms, require no medical evaluation or testing, and can manage symptoms safely at home with NO intervention

  • Loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Dry Cough

  • Fever (over 100.4 present in majority at some point in illness)

  • Shortness of breath (unable to hold in a deep breath for 10 sec or pain with deep breath)

  • Fatigue

  • Headache or muscle aches

  • Sore throat (note: runny nose or sneezing not typical with COVID-19)

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in <10%

“Long-haul” Symptoms up to 80% of even mild cases may experience relapsing or chronic symptoms lasting several months or long-term including:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis); malaise after minimal exertion
  • Fevers

  • Neurologic (brain fog, numbness, shooting pains, prolonged disorders of smell/taste, hearing loss, headache, dizziness, autonomic nervous system impairment, stroke)

  • Cardiovascular (blood clots, heart attacks, cardiac inflammation, racing heart, palpitations)

  • Respiratory (shortness of breath, cough, low oxygen, lung scarring/fibrosis)

  • Dermatologic (abnormal bruising, rashes)

  • GI (chronic diarrhea)

  • Psychiatric (depression, anxiety, PTSD)

NOTE: LifeScape offers a 3-month Functional Medicine Intensive support program for anyone with long-haul symptoms from COVID-19 or other infections. https://health.lifescapepremier.com/covid-19-resources-support


Symptom Care at Home:

  •  Rest and RELAX: most cases are MILD and resolve spontaneously within 2-3 weeks
  • Deep Breaths: 10 times every hour while awake or walk for 10 min a couple times daily

  • Nutrition: Healthy diet rich in greens, cruciferous vegetables, colorful fruits and vegetables, bone broths, lean proteins, healthy fats, and some fermented foods is superior immune support to any supplement. Green drinks or smoothies with spirulina may provide immune support. Ginger, garlic, onions, herbs, and turmeric also immune supporting.

  • Raw organic honey helpful for throat irritation or cough.

  • Hydrate: drink plenty of liquids including organic teas and broths/soups

  • Natural sunlight or UV exposure through Healthy wave mat (comdiscount code lifescape10) or similar for 10-20min once or twice daily may be supportive

  • OTC meds:

    • Zinc gluconate or Acetate lozenges or sprays if available – used every 2hr from first onset of symptoms for 5-7 days may shorten the duration of colds (Caution: long-term zinc only under medical guidance – balance of zinc/copper critical)

    • Guaifenesin/Mucinex 600-1200mg to keep secretions thin, easy to clear

    • Salt water gargles and saline nose sprays liberally to thin and clear secretions

    • Xlear sinus max if significant nasal congestion (unusual with COVID-19)

    • OTC cough medicines like Robitussin marginally helpful; raw honey shown to be more effective than most cough medicines

  • AVOID:

    • Sedating or drying cough/cold medicines like Nyquil/Dayquil or antihistamine-containing cold/flu medicines which thicken secretions, prevent mucous clearance and promote mucous plugging of airways worsening risk for pneumonia, sinusitis

    • Avoid suppressing FEVER with Tylenol or ibuprofen – fever helps fight infection so support fever by drinking more fluids rather than suppressing your immune response

    • Cough suppressants should be limited as again they prevent the immune system from working to clear out mucous, debris and virus.

  • Supplements/Herbs: At present, there are NO supplements, herbs or medications proven to prevent or treat COVID-19. Always work with a skilled medical professional to guide personalized supplement recommendations. Timing and dosage vary based on other medications, medical issues, symptom complex, and stage of infection. Many immune support supplements are backordered due to high demand.

    • Maintain therapeutic levels of Vitamin D (50-80 ng/mL goal– toxic in excess), Vitamin A (1000-10,000iu daily also toxic in excess), and Vitamin C (1-3 grams daily)

    • Immune support nutrients to consider: Spirulina, Alpha lipoic acid, NAC or Liposomal Glutathione, Quercetin, Curcumin, EGCG, Resveratrol, Glucosamine Sulfate, Beta 1,3 Glucan, Selenium (toxic in excess), Melatonin, PEA, Zinc

    • Immune support herbs to consider: rhodiola, cordyceps and reishi mushroom, gingko biloba, Chinese skullcap, glycerrhiza/licorice, berberine, cinnamon, dong quai, astragalus, elderberry


Acute Immune Support Suggestions for Early COVID-19

  • Zinc lozenges 1 every 2-4hr while awake for 5-7days
  • NAC 600-900mg twice daily

  • Quercetin or BCQ twice daily

  • Andrographis twice daily

  • Vitamin C 1000mg daily

  • Melatonin 1-3mg nightly 

Contact your physician if symptoms persist progress or if oxygen saturation falls below 92% 

Call 911 if shortness of breath is rapidly progressing and let them know the concern for COVID-19 so they will be properly prepared when they arrive to help you


LifeScape is here to serve you and your loved ones throughout this pandemic. Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. See more of our COVID-19 Resources & Support offerings here.


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