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LifeScape’s Direct Primary Care Program: Care You Can Trust

Choosing a primary care provider can be difficult - there are so many options, styles, and locations. How do you know you’re getting the direct primary care that will truly address your specific conditions, preferences and situations and the care your family deserves?

At LifeScape Medical Associates, you’re not just another insurance plan number to us – you’re a real person with real needs. And we’re here to collaborate and support you on your path to true vitality. Here’s what you can expect when you become one of our patients.

Direct Primary Care That’s Built on Compassion

As a LifeScape Medical Associates patient, you will have access to the same insurance-based healthcare that you’re used to, but with more compassion and attention to detail.

Services that we can provide for you and your family include:

  • Comprehensive primary care for all ages, from newborns to geriatrics

  • Weight Management and Advanced Nutritional Testing

  • Well Woman/Male Care and Hormone Management

  • Minor Surgery Procedures, Skin Biopsies, Contraceptive Implants

  • Back to School & Sports Physicals and Sports Injury Management

  • Chronic Condition Management

  • Family Mental Wellness

In addition, our experienced medical providers can also perform complete wellness evaluations for all age groups, health risk assessments, and evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic physical and mental problems.

And while we are considered a “traditional” medical practice, our approach is far from the usual doctor’s visit. We take what’s called a “functional approach”, meaning that we take a deep dive into your health to get to the root of your problem. And that’s how we handle all the little things necessary for maintaining your family’s whole health and wellbeing (and most of the large ones).

Plus, we tailor referrals to specialists when appropriate, while continuing to maintain responsibility for your overall health.

Exceptional Care for Your Children and Teens

At LifeScape Medical Associates, we realize that many adult issues start in youth.

So, we specifically target interventions for your infant/child/teen, family, school, and community levels to maximize their health and wellness.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire and empower children with a lifetime of good health habits. We evaluate self-esteem, body image, health habits, relationships, and other common issues, as well as future goals and dreams.

From minor cuts and scrapes to transformative health for all ages, we seek to be your trusted health advocates.

The Medical Providers Who Will Work Tirelessly for Your Health

As a LifeScape Medical Associates patient you will see one of our experienced and highly qualified Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants. You can get to know a little bit about each one of these amazing medical providers below:


Valere Ziske is a Family Nurse Practitioner and an ICU nurse who completed advanced training as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Click to learn more about Valere.


Kaitlin is driven by a passion to assist patients in obtaining the healthiest version of themselves. She understands the complexities and difficulties patients face to achieve this. Click to learn more about Kaitlin.


A Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with her Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, Luann loves working at LifeScape! Click to learn more about Luann.

>> Interested in working directly with our physicians? Learn more about our LifeScape Premier concierge program here.

Choosing a direct primary care provider for your family just got a little bit easier.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to finding the right care for your family. But how many of them seek to put your health first?

It’s our promise at LifeScape Medical Associates to value your health, your family, and your humanity first and foremost. Book an appointment with us today and experience direct primary care that’s built on compassion.

Are you in search of a direct primary care provider who will truly put the needs of you and your family first? Look no further than LifeScape Medical Associates. Click to Book an Appointment with LifeScape Medical Associates today!
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