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Our New Functional Medicine Certification & What it Means for YOU

We are incredibly proud to announce that our own Dr. Susan Wilder has recently become an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner! This is huge news because it reflects 15 years of Functional Medicine experience and hundreds of hours of intensive education, allowing  LifeScape Premier to bring an even deeper expertise to our patients.

As Dr. Wilder shared with us, “IFMCP designation represents a dedication to continued striving for understanding, constant learning we share as a practice, and never resting on our laurels.”

Here’s everything you need to know about this new certification and how it will continue to enhance your patient experience with LifeScape Premier.

What does Dr. Wilder’s new status as an IFM Certified Practitioner mean?


As you know, we are seriously passionate about the practice of Functional Medicine. We wholeheartedly believe in getting to the root of health issues, in order to help you achieve the healthy and vibrant life you deserve.

To better serve our patients, Dr. Wilder embarked on the arduous journey to becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner. Fewer than 0.1 percent of physicians in the US and less than 20 in Arizona are Functional Medicine certified, despite the fact the field is finally gaining mainstream traction as the medicine of the future.

Here’s what she had to say about taking this next step in her continuing education:

“When my husband and I founded LifeScape in 2003, we sought to create a truly novel, revolutionary practice providing personalized, patient-centered care. Serendipity and my own health challenges led me to Functional Medicine and the life-altering brilliance of evaluating and treating the root causes of chronic disease. There is no greater reward than watching patients overcome decades of chronic disease or preventing it altogether, becoming active warriors in their health.

Studying Functional Medicine became my passion over 15 years and becoming IFM-Certified is the culmination of hundreds of hours of intensive education and recognition as a leader in the field. Growth and excellence are two of my core values and ones that we all share at LifeScape.

IFMCP designation represents a dedication to continued striving for understanding, constant learning we share as a practice, and never resting on our laurels. As I used to caution the doctors I trained at Mayo, ‘if you ever think you know it all, you’d better get out of this business.’”

And while the certification applies to Dr. Wilder’s credentials specifically, she wanted to stress how important it was for the practice as a whole and how impactful it is to every patient who walks through LifeScape’s doors.

“[We have made a] heavy investment as a practice in functional medicine training for all our providers. We share our education and regular case reviews with each other so we are constantly all learning from one another and putting our heads together on our most challenging cases.”

What education is required to achieve this new certificate?

Truly considered the gold standard of Functional Medicine training and education, the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) combines the latest medical research with a personalized, effective model of patient care.

In order to achieve the designation of IFM Certified Practitioner, Dr. Wilder had to learn:

  • Established and emerging diagnostics, therapeutics, and prevention strategies.

  • How to design nutritional and lifestyle interventions to improve patient compliance and outcomes.

  • How to utilize innovative and practical assessment tools to assess, diagnose, and treat patients from a Functional Medicine approach.

  • Methods to establish a mutually empowering partnership between clinician and patient.

  • The scientific basis for Functional Medicine principles and a systems approach to fundamental clinical imbalances.

  • How to apply key elements of the Functional Medicine Model in clinical practice.

By working so hard to gain this highly specific knowledge, Dr. Wilder can now apply what she’s learned to further aid Functional Medicine patients in their journeys back to health.

By adding to her expertise, Dr. Wilder is bringing additional valuable resources to every patient who walks through our doors.

Imagine waking up each and every morning feeling vital and alive.

If you suffer from chronic illness and disease, fatigue, hormonal issues, or unexplained symptoms, the possibility of experiencing this may seem entirely out of reach.

Our Functional and Integrative ‘Whole Health’ approach has the potential to help you uncover true health and vitality.

Chronic disease need not be a life sentence and vibrant health need not be a wish. With the ever growing knowledge Dr. Wilder brings to LifeScape, we continue expanding the arsenal of tools to help you on your journey back to the life you love.

Are you finally ready to be free of fatigue, brain fog, and any hormone issues you might be experiencing? Let us help you find your way back to true health and vitality. Click to Book a Complimentary Functional Medicine Consultation with Lifescape Premier today!





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