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LifeScape Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring Brilliant Health Breakthroughs


This year, LifeScape Premier celebrates 20 years of inspiring health. Founder and CEO of LifeScape, Dr. Susan Wilder, MD, attributes much of the success of her patients and practice to the commitment to four key pillars of health care.

  • Pillar #1: Access
  • Pillar #2: Proactive & Preventive Care
  • Pillar #3: Time & Comprehensiveness
  • Pillar #4: Root Cause (Lifestyle) Medicine

Through the power of rapid access and managing complicated issues at home, LifeScape has helped to keep patients out of emergency rooms and reduce the need for subspecialists. 

LifeScape patients are privy to proactive and preventive care that optimizes their healthspan, empowering them to live healthier lives. They remain more active and less sick than the average American, well into the later years of their lives.

“The proof is in our results. Our patients rarely develop Type 2 Diabetes and rarely need vascular surgeons, amputations, or kidney dialysis. They also seldom have heart attacks or strokes before age 80. By optimizing healthspan, we help Lifescape patients avert the average American’s 10-20 years of disability and chronic disease at the end of life,” shared Dr. Wilder.

Twenty years of unrushed visits and small panels allows LifeScape providers to delve deeper into patient issues and uncover things never considered by multiple specialists. 

“We have near-endless proof of the power of focused time and comprehensive treatment with our patients,” Dr. Wilder explained, “We had a patient with decades of debilitating hives that we identified was caused by a gut microbiome issue. Another patient was told her severe shortness of breath was “in her head” but after an extensive work-up with LifeScape, was diagnosed in one visit and CURED within weeks by working with a yoga physical therapist to expand her chest wall constricted by surgical scarring.”

LifeScape is proud to be a health care provider that truly eliminates problems for patients, decreases medication dependencies and reverses seemingly irreversible conditions, celebrating dozens of brilliant health transformations every year. 

“One of our executive patients, within a year of working with us, was able to eliminate four chronic medications and resolve decades of attention deficit, chronic fatigue, anxiety and insomnia by addressing the root causes,” Dr. Wilder shared.

This image shows Lifescape's team of Lifescape physicians and specialists.

Since 2003, LifeScape has served thousands of patients, empowering them in their journey to true health. Two decades later, the practice has been recognized with numerous awards including 32 Top Docs honors by PHOENIX Magazine, Best Concierge Medicine by Concierge Medicine Today, and Best of Arizona by Arizona Foothills Magazine in several medical and aesthetics categories.

LifeScape is committed to empowering Scottsdale and surrounding communities to live their best, healthiest lives. The recent launch of the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You Club, a virtual, self-led program guided by LifeScape’s Functional Dietitian, offers all individuals affordable access to the resources they need to make real, whole, nourishing food at home - with joy and ease. 

About LifeScape Premier

LifeScape’s team of health experts partner with patients to empower health transformation through primary care, nutrition, fitness, and aesthetics services. They are committed to identifying the root cause of symptoms and focusing on the totality of you. To learn more visit www.lifescapepremier.com. Request a complimentary Primary Care Meet & Greet, Nutrition Information Session or Aesthetics Consultation to get started.

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