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Lose Weight Fast for Spring Break

Moms all over the country are anxiously awaiting the day their kids are off of school for spring break because it also means one more thing: bikini season is officially back.

And if you’re in Arizona like us, you aren’t gearing up for one week-long vacation where you’re bearing your stomachs and legs - we’re preparing for months of pool days. If you’ve tried the latest fad diets and workout trends to no avail, it’s time to find a way to really lose weight, and lose weight quickly.

There is an easy way to effective weight loss

What if we told you that there’s a much easier way to lose weight? A method that doesn’t involve grueling hours at the gym, and late night cravings caused by a restrictive diet. No, it’s not too good to be true. It’s body sculpting.

Body sculpting involves non-surgical, non-invasive procedures that help you lose weight and inches without any effort on your part.

At LifeScape Premier, you can choose from two different body sculpting technologies to help you lose weight quickly.

UltraShape Power

lose weight ultrashape powerLifeScape Premier is proud to be one of very few providers in Arizona to offer UltraShape Power, the most powerful fat destruction technology on the market. In just 3 treatments, the UltraShape Power uses focused ultrasound to destroy up to 32% of the subcutaneous fat layer to help you lose weight.

This FDA-cleared procedure is extremely safe, and requires no down time. And because there’s no bruising, swelling, or harm to the skin, you can leave LifeScape Premier and head straight to the pool!

Can’t argue with results like these!


Venus Legacy

lose weight venus legacyThe Venus Legacy is another body contouring technology that focuses on skin tightening, cellulite reduction and circumferential fat reduction. The Venus Legacy boasts great results, and one of its key benefits is that it can be used on smaller areas of the body. It can target a saggy neck, baggy under eyes, and other facial wrinkles you’d like to get rid of.

Because the Venus Legacy is used as a skin tightening treatment, it can be used in conjunction with the UltraShape Power to achieve optimum results.

Bikini season does not have to be as stressful as we make it. Using body sculpting can help you lose weight fast so you can step into spring break with confidence!

If you’re sick of the gym and ineffective diet plans, it’s time to take action. Schedule your body sculpting consultation today to lose weight once and for all.

Interested in other weight loss options? Contact us today to take advantage of our deal on HCG. You'll receive 3 weight loss treatments, and 3 maintenance appointments for $150 instead of $250!

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