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Concierge Pediatric Care: Investing in Premier Care for Your Family

No doubt you treasure your family’s health but are you letting your insurance dictate it? Do you value overall wellness over symptom relief? Do you appreciate a proactive approach to your family’s wellness? With LifeScape's Concierge Care program, you will be able to invest in Whole Health for a Whole Life and complete peace of mind.

Pediatric concierge medicine is a parent’s dream made real. With same day office appointments, little to no waiting time, unhurried visits, personalized care, direct access to your doctor day and night—the benefits of Concierge Care are a reality and an ideal fit for your children’s care.

When your child is sick, nothing else matters. The concierge medicine model emphasizes proactive rather than reactive care. How well chronic conditions are managed will greatly influence both short-term and long-term outcomes. Knowing that you are able to spend more time at each visit, ask more questions and develop a personal relationship with your physician makes all the difference in the world.

High-quality health care matters for all children, and that is exactly what you receive as a pediatric patient in the concierge medicine program at LifeScape Premier.

How is our Concierge Care program different?

    • Longer visits. You need enough time to ask questions and we need time to provide answers and solutions. With concierge medicine pediatric care, you will have longer and unhurried office visits. You will receive less rushed, more personalized service.   
    • Direct access. There are times that a phone call or text message is all you need. You will have our physician’s number and direct access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email, phone, Facetime, Skype, etc. Teens and college kids prefer texting and love having direct access to their trusted Physician at any time.
    • Continuity of care. Continuity of care means developing a long term relationship with a Physician who knows You and your whole family. . Our team is fully engaged in long-term collaboration with the shared goal of high quality cost effective care. Seeing your trusted provider for the vast majority of your care builds stronger understanding and improves care quality.
    • Same day and next day visits. Our patients are our top priority. Enough said.
    • Flexible hours. We understand that kids can get sick at night and on the weekends too. LifeScape offers extended hours, lunchtime and your own personal physician can guide you after hours and on weekends  to facilitate your family’s busy schedule.
    • House calls with newborns. Stay put. We will come to you. Let your baby sleep.
    • Comprehensive care. We provide comprehensive well-child care with an emphasis on preventative wellness. We also engage actively in supporting the mental well-being of kids and families. Integrated mental health training is unique to Family Medicine and we take that further by working closely with our onsite Psychologist.
    • Getting to the root. Functional medicine focuses on understanding and alleviating the root causes of chronic disease and optimizing health including nutrition, stress management, healthy sleep, and clearing environmental toxins.
    • Real relationships. Long term. Long-term relationships with a trusted family physician that follows children through challenging teen and college years. There is nothing we love more than helping guide kids towards happy, healthy and productive adults.
    • Direct advocacy with specialists and hospital care if needed
    • Advanced nutritional and genomics knowledge and vetted nutritional products
    • On-site Sonora-Quest lab
    • Holistic Nutritionist
    • Family Psychologist onsite
    • Travel Medicine services for adults and kids  onsite

A worthwhile investment in your family’s health

For an investment less than a daily visit to your favorite coffee shop, Concierge Care physicians at LifeScape will deliver less rushed, more personalized care to every single patient. LifeScape will ensure your family’s health and happiness with our unique approach of coupling premier concierge medicine service with functional medicine, advanced nutritional testing and interventions.

This is what one of our Pediatric Concierge Care families had to say about making the best parenting choice for her family’s health:

“Participating in a concierge pediatric/family practice was the best choice I made for my family and myself. I truly have a partner in the wellbeing of my child. My doctor has proven to be better than a trusted friend and confidant because she has the expert knowledge combined with the compassion to help me and my children find the path to wellness. With this practice I get the benefits of modern technology, personal caring service and emotional validation. I’ve never felt like I’m a bother or that my concern is ignored. Of all of the difficult parenting choices I’ve made – this one I know I got right!”

-Nicole N.

Having access to a trusted healthcare provider for your whole family isn’t a thing of the past. You are not just another insurance plan number to us—you are a real person with real needs. We are here to collaborate and support you on your path to true vitality. That’s the kind of service, attention and relationships we build with our patients here at LifeScape.

At LifeScape, we excel in the provision of healthcare for the family including complete wellness evaluations for all age groups, health risk assessments, and evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic physical and mental problems. We handle all the little things and most of the large ones. We tailor referrals to specialists when appropriate, while maintaining responsibility for your overall health.

We realize that many adult issues start in youth, so we target interventions to your infant/child/teen, family, school, and community levels to maximize their health and wellness. Our goal is to inspire and empower children with a lifetime of good health habits. We evaluate self-esteem, body image, health habits, relationships, and other common issues, as well as future goals and dreams. From minor cuts & scrapes to transformative health for all ages, we’re your trusted health advocates.

Schedule your complimentary tour and meet and greet with our concierge physicians. As an innovative, award-winning Scottsdale family practice serving all ages, our vision is “whole health for a whole life”. We work in concert with you and your family to get you on a path to health, wellness and true vitality.

Request a call with our Director of Practice Development, Alicia Fortune, to learn more about LifeScape Concierge Care.


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