Pediatric Services


Do you treasure your family’s health? Do you appreciate a proactive approach to family wellness? Invest in the peace of mind offered by concierge family healthcare at LifeScape Premier.

Concierge physicians care for a tiny fraction of the number of patients as a regular Pediatrician or Family Physician, allowing delivery of less rushed, more personalized care to every patient.

We ensure your family’s health and happiness with our unique approach of coupling premier service with functional medicine, advanced nutritional testing and interventions.

For an investment less than a daily visit to your local coffee shop, LifeScape Concierge Pediatric delivers:

  • 24 hour access directly to your provider via email, phone, Facetime, etc.
  • Thorough same day appointments and telephone consultations when appropriate
  • Comprehensive well-child care with an emphasis on preventive wellness
  • Home visits with newborns
  • Expanded hours, lunchtime and weekend hours to facilitate your family’s busy schedule
  • Direct advocacy with specialists and hospital care if needed
  • Functional medicine focus on understanding and alleviating the root causes of chronic disease and optimizing health
  • On-site Sonora-Quest lab, X-ray, Holistic Nutritionist, Family Psychologist, and Travel Medicine services
  • Advanced skin care aesthetics including acne management
  • Advanced nutritional and genomics knowledge and vetted nutritional products
  • Long-term relationships with a trusted family physician that follows children through challenging teen & college years

Participating in a concierge pediatric/family practice was the best choice I made for my family and myself. I truly have a partner in the wellbeing of my child. My doctor has proven to be better than a trusted friend and confidant because she has the expert knowledge combined with the compassion to help me and my children find the path to wellness. With this practice I get the benefits of modern technology, personal caring service and emotional validation. I’ve never felt like I’m a bother or that my concern is ignored. Of all of the difficult parenting choices I’ve made – this one I know I got right!

-Nicole N.