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Shaving Tips for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, getting a good shave can be hit or miss. Here are some do's and don'ts to help you achieve consistent results!

Don’t use disposable razor blades more than once or twice. Soak in alcohol for 2–3 minutes before use.  

Don’t attempt to use twin or triple blade "closer-shaving" razors. The first blade stretches the skin; the second (and third) shaves too close, cutting hair off below the skin line. When the skin bounces back, those hairs are set up to be trapped repeatedly under the skin every time you shave.  

Don't tweeze ingrown hairs. When tweezed, hairs grow back (in two to three weeks), they are trapped under the skin line. Those areas become chronically ingrown.  

Don’t use a rotary shaver. Circular blade motion cuts the hair in every imaginable direction, which can cause more ingrown hairs.  

Don’t shave upward, against the grain, or shave back and forth over the same place repeatedly in an attempt to get a closer shave.  

Do use a single edge, disposable razor with acne wash as directed, or a sanitized non-rotary electric shaver, T-edger or clippers. A mandelic wash or gentle cleanser can be used as well.  

Don’t forget to spray disinfectant on razors, clippers and/or T-edger blades, guards and attachments before and after shaving. Clippercide is available at beauty supply stores. Don't forget to take some with you to the barbershop. Do watch for barbershop sanitation (or lack thereof).  

Do change your clipper or T-edger blades every six months and don’t share yours with anyone.  

Do scrub very gently (with recommended products) for no more than 30 seconds. Blot your face dry (no rubbing) with a soft towel.  

Attention athletes: Don’t wipe off sweat; blot dry instead!

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