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Posted on / Noelle Cesario, L.E., C.L.T.

How to ‘Spring Clean’ Your Skincare Routine

Amidst all of the current uncertainties, it can be reassuring to take note of the positive moments and recognize things we can control. For instance, being grateful for the increased opportunities to spend time with family and virtually chat with long-distance friends. And taking back control of our own ‘honey do’ lists by tackling yard work or going all out on our spring cleaning routines.

And, while you are in ‘spring cleaning’ mode, don’t forget to refresh your skincare routine!

Your skin regime is like your bank account, the more you strategically build upon it the greater the reward - and quality skincare is a certainly a worthy investment.


Getting Started with Your Skincare Spring Cleaning

The first thing you can do to get the most out of your routine is by getting rid of the skincare products that aren’t working for your skin.

Enhance your routine by incorporating new products that will give you the healthy skin you are looking for. Follow these four steps for a complete skincare spring cleaning!


Step 1: Take stock of what you have

Pull out your most frequently used products, but also dig around for the products you have buried under the sink and in various drawers and cabinets. Get everything together in one place so you can move to the next step! 


Step 2: Purge the expired

One of the simplest steps in spring cleaning your skincare is to throw out anything that is expired. Old products can lead to a bacteria breeding ground that can damage your skin, cause breakouts, and dull your skin. While you’re at it, double check the expiration dates on all your sun block bottles. The last thing you want is a suntan or sunburn after you just invested in quality skincare. To check the expiration look for a specific date or find the little container icon with the number inside of it. This number is the number of months before your product expires after opening. If you don’t know exactly when you got it, make your best estimate and then toss anything you think comes too close to know for sure. Makeup should be tossed every six months.

If you’re like most of my clients when they first come to me, you’ll probably find yourself getting rid of nearly half of your products!


Step 3: Glow up your skincare routine

Our skin tends to hold more water in the spring and summer months than in the winter months. So for most, spring is the time to put away the heavy hydrators and use something more lightweight. Look for hyaluronic acid-based formulas. My favorite is Skinbetter Science Hydration boosting cream (available in-office, call to purchase!).

Book a virtual Skincare Regimen Reboot to really understand which skincare products you should be using for your skin type, and which products you could benefit from to achieve your best skin for the new season.


Step 4: Recycle or give away

Be mindful when you are throwing your skincare jars and containers away. Some might pose a problem for your recycle centers, especially airless pump bottles. They typically have a spring in the bottle that cannot be recycled. For the containers you are unsure about, drop them off at our office in Scottsdale or any local Origins store to recycle responsibly for you.

For skincare products that have not expired but are no longer helping you achieve the results you desire, there are non-profit organizations that would love to take them off your hands! Many will only accept unopened products, but some allow gently used products to donate. Project Beauty Share is a great option to explore for this.


Schedule a Skincare Regimen Reboot

Find yourself tossing nearly all of your products? Or simply dissatisfied with the results of your products? Schedule a virtual Skincare Regimen Reboot for only $25 (to be applied toward a future service) and get a skincare strategy from our experienced aesthetician including a customized product and procedure recommendations.

Click here to request your session, pay and schedule!

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