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Tips to Keep the Pounds off This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! That means there are more high sugar, high calorie foods available. Combine that with all the additional “celebrating” and this could mean big trouble for our waistlines! Have I mentioned the accompanying stress that comes with the holidays? Even if you have superhuman willpower, the holiday season is challenging for everyone! The average American can gain 7 to 12 pounds! Below are some handy tips to help you get through the holidays without the extra pounds.

Tips to Keep the Pounds off This Holiday Season

1.) Portion Control

At the buffet, be super careful about overloading your plate. It is a good idea to peruse the buffet before even grabbing a plate. Make decisions about what you want vs what you do not want. Eat the things you like first (in moderate quantities of course). If you still want that salad, have it after.

2.) Don't Starve Yourself Before Dinner

Avoid not eating all day so you can indulge at tonight’s event. Why? Because by the time you get to the event, in the evening, after starving all day (are you getting this?), you are going to overeat like a starving person. That is just what you are when you don’t eat all day. Starving. Most folks will eat like there is no tomorrow and gobble up high calorie foods going on the justification that “I didn’t eat all day!” Eat light during the day, but do not starve yourself!

3.) Use the 3 Bite Rule

Wondering what to do about desert? Try the three-bite rule! Take the first bite, chew slowly and enjoy as the flavor hits your taste buds. Take the second and third bite the same way – slowly while enjoying the how it tastes and feels in your mouth. Stop there! Our taste buds start to desensitize with every bite and by the third, if you really concentrate, you may notice that the taste is most likely not as good as the first. You will never get that first bite flavor back in that sitting.

4.) Share the Leftovers

If you are hosting the holiday, don’t store all the leftovers! Buy some disposable containers and send the food home with your guests! Leftovers, especially those high and sugar and fat can really pack on the pounds.

5.) Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water as the activities of the holidays (whether you are cooking or not), can dehydrate you. Signs of dehydration such as low energy can mimic hunger, which can trick your brain into thinking that you are hungry. I know you’re busy! Keep a water bottle with you and sip throughout the day to keep your body feeling safe and hydrated!

6.) Get Enough Sleep

You are not superman, superwoman, supermom or superdad! This one is so important! Staying up late to do whatever it is you think you need to stay up late for can really increase your hunger the next morning according to research from the Mayo Clinic. Researchers found that people are eating 549 more calories on the days they didn’t get enough sleep. Other research shows that sleep deprivation increases the body’s production of ghrelin, our hunger hormone and decreases the amount of leptin, our appetite-suppressing hormone. This can really disrupt your self control.


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