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2020 Phoenix Magazine Top Docs

Join us in congratulating Dr. Wilder, Dr. Strohman & Dr. Pozun for again being recognized as Top Docs with Phoenix Magazine for 2020.

Top Doc's Mission: Empower Brilliant Health Breakthroughs

For 15+ years, LifeScape providers passionately empower health transformation with an integrative approach blending the best of Allopathic and Functional medicine. Founder Dr. Susan Wilder notes, "Our 'whole'-in-one is taking problems OFF a patient's problem list, reducing dependence on medications." One patient, within a year, reversed attention deficit, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia and eliminated 4 chronic medications after uncovering severe sleep apnea and nutrient deficiencies. Insurers' value rescue over prevention, but these health breakthroughs are priceless. One patient noted, "All my other doctors just monitor my deterioration." Per Dr. Strohman, "Chronic disease should not be a life sentence."

LifeScape offers group medical visits with cooking demonstrations, holds events with experts in meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, and field trips to health related businesses such as organic farms or equine therapy programs. LifeScape providers engage actively in teaching and community service. Dr. Wilder states, "Teaching keeps us on our toes and we are honored by all the clinicians who trust us with their health and that of their family."

LifeScape offers many options for patients or companies interested in optimizing health. Their SimpleCare Direct program is an insurance alternative direct primary care solution that includes Telemedicine options, extended visits, unlimited appointments and convenient monthly billing options. In addition the practice prides themselves on their Exclusive Concierge Care primary care solution and their advanced Functional Medicine Consults for adults or children with complex challenges. Anyone can also work independently with LifeScape Nutrition and Fitness Health Coaches or Aesthetics team, all of whom espouse fitness and beauty from the inside out. The first step to any Brilliant Health Breakthrough is deciding to pursue personalized, proactive, truly transformative care. What are you waiting for? 

Interested in working with one of Phoenix's Top Docs? Learn more about LifeScape's Concierge Care program.


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