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LifeScape Daily Dozen Checklist: A Nutritional Guide to Achieving Optimal Health

A recent study conducted by New York University School of Global Public Health reveals nearly 60% of Americans’ caloric intake comes from ultra-processed foods – a shocking reality that the majority of our daily food consumption is destroying our health and our planet. 

The LifeScape Daily Dozen Checklist is an easy-to-follow guide to incorporating a variety of fresh, colorful, whole foods daily to properly nourish your body and ensure optimum nutrition and wellness.  

Based on aging deceleration research published by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald in her book Younger You, LifeScape’s checklist aims to help you incorporate fresh, wholesome foods into your daily diet to promote a healthier gut and daily activities to engage in to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Lifescape Daily Dozen Checklist

2 cups organic leafy greens (½ cup cooked or 4-8oz organic greens juice)

1 cup colorful veggies & 1 cup cruciferous veggies

2 whole fruits or 2 cups organic berries

4oz organic kefir or yogurt or 2 tablespoons fermented organic veggies

3 servings clean protein (legumes, fish, eggs, dairy, poultry, grass fed meats)

1-2 tablespoons healthy fat with each meal (extra virgin olive oil, avocado, olives, ghee)

1 handful of nuts/seeds to 2 tablespoons organic nut/seed butter

2-3 organic whole grains (oats, whole wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, legumes, couscous)

Hydrate half your weight in filtered water

Move your body for 20 minutes

Sleep 7-8 hours

Breathe 4-5 deep cleansing breaths daily

Eliminating Processed Foods

Having a diet that is high in processed foods intake can lead to numerous health problems such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and many more. Most processed foods are full of empty calories which provide minimal to no nutrients to your body when eaten. These foods can also greatly affect our gut health which is directly linked to our cognitive function. 

This is why having a daily checklist of whole, unprocessed foods is so important to numerous aspects of our health.

Healing Your Body With The Daily Dozen Checklist

Following LifeScape’s Daily Dozen Checklist will aid your body in the aging deceleration process. Improving your overall health can bring countless benefits into your daily life such as better sleep, improved cognitive function, and a happier and healthier gut. 

This checklist will also help your body’s natural defense to disease and certain cancers and potentially increase your lifespan.

Partner with Lifescape to Achieve Your Health Goals

While there are many nutritional programs out there, LifeScape takes an integrative and functional approach, vetting out the science, technology and efficacy of each solution before prescribing them to any patient. 

Our doctors and nutritionist partner with you to determine the best plan of action to help you live your most beautiful life - inside and out! Programs include customized meal planning, nutritional counseling, weight management, resolving dietary deficiencies or addressing inflammatory foods that may be leading to chronic conditions or illness, and our recently launched Healthy Kitchen Healthy You Club.

Through a series of sessions, we identify how to best help you with your nutrition and healthy eating goals. There are many factors that influence how we eat in today’s busy world - and how we feel as a result of that. We are diligent about identifying options to help you find the healthy habits that work best for you.




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