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Making the Switch: From Family Practice to Concierge Medical Practice

Traditional family practice is currently the most common form of health care. It is likely the form of healthcare you grew up knowing; you would start to get a cold and your mother would call to make an appointment with your family’s primary care physician. Then what? If you were very lucky you would get to see them the next day. Most commonly, you probably saw them a few days later, or the following week.

While you may feel comfortable with your current primary care physician, there are definitely benefits to making the switch to concierge medicine. Because making any change in your health care may seem scary, we have broken down the key differences, and benefits, that concierge medicine has to offer you.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine vs. Traditional Family Practice

The realities of your primary care physician’s office are much different than a concierge medicine practice. Both doctors may be equally skilled, but the environments and the accessibility are completely opposite. So here are two main differences (and benefits) when choosing concierge medicine over traditional primary care.

Family Practice Physicians Have Less Time

The realities of the current healthcare climate emphasize physician productivity. With more patients in the system, traditional primary care physicians have to see a higher volume of patients. This increased volume impacts the availability of the visit, the detail and quality of time of the visit, and the amount of time the physician can spend. Some physicians may be seeing 30 to 40 patients in a single day.

With this set up, the physicians more run down and overbooked. Your personal health is not getting the attention you deserve. According to this article published in 2016, the average time a traditional primary care physician was getting to spend with a patient was 8 minutes. Total.

With concierge medicine, there are less patients in the system which means more one-on-one time with your doctor. Concierge medicine is the opposite of “hit and run” medicine. This means it is designed for the doctor to give you their entire attention so that no detail goes unnoticed. In this way, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible care and truly getting to the root of any health issue you may have.

Primary Care Physicians Are Not as Accessible

In a traditional family practice situation, your access to your doctor is limited to the time you have with them in their exam room. And your time in the exam room, as discussed previously, is also very limited.

However, with concierge medicine, you have direct access to your doctor. Additionally, you are guaranteed same day or next day appointments. You can also receive access to your doctor or dedicated health coordinator’s phone numbers and email addresses. This way, should you have emergency or after hours questions on a new health regimen or medication, you can ask directly. This is generally unheard of in traditional primary care and an amazing attribute of concierge medicine.

While a traditional family practice may still be a preferred method of healthcare, there are so many benefits to making the switch to concierge medicine. More quality time spent with your doctor, better access for questions and emergencies, same day appointments, and more. Looking for a more holistic and better approach to your personal health? Concierge medicine is the way to go.


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