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Mindfulness & a More Fulfilling Life

Do you ever have days where you simply just cannot focus? Days where you let your mind and your thoughts become victims of the constant distractions around you? Always feeling pulled in a million different directions, and never truly enjoying the moment you’re in? If you’re like most Americans, you’ve had those days, and that is exactly why it’s time to do something about it.

Mindfulness describes a state of awareness, and being present in any and all moments. This awareness can apply to your thoughts, your surroundings, even your body. It’s a state of being completely focused on what is happening now as opposed to wondering about the future, or thinking about the past.

With many of us keeping our heads down in our phones and computers all day, the practice of mindfulness has been lost. Practicing mindfulness allows us many benefits such as increased concentration and focus, reduced stress, or improved productivity. Studies have even shown that 30 minutes of meditation every day can increase the density of the gray matter in our brains, which is associated with memory, and stress.

How to Achieve Mindfulness

Mindfulness doesn’t always come as second nature to us. But fortunately it is something that can be learned, through a good guide. There are many instructors, training programs and even apps that teach you how to practice mindfulness. They cover everything from what it is, how it can benefit you, and how you can incorporate it into your everyday life. Finding the right mindfulness guide and techniques for you is critical to successfully implementing mindfulness on an ongoing basis.

Your Invitation to Mindfulness

LifeScape Premier is proud to host Your Invitation to Mindfulness, a 4-part course instructed by Gale Davidson, Mindfulness Practitioner. Gale studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, and uses her education and certifications to help others on their journey to self-wellness, and the path to find the meaning of their experiences.

Each week, for four weeks, we will spend 90 minutes exploring, practicing, and affirming a component of mindfulness. Upon completing this course you will be more aware of when you are out of mindfulness, and the tools to bring you back into mindfulness. This will help to bring you improved concentration and mental clarity, and much more.

The sessions are designed to be collaborative in nature, comprised of sharing, discussion, and practice. Information that is shared and practiced in-session will stay in-session.

We will be hosting our first course in February, and our second course in March. If you’re interested in practicing the art of mindfulness, register for the course today! Spaces are extremely limited, don’t miss your opportunity.


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