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Disease Prevention: Preventative Care with Concierge Care

If you have expressed your concerns to your medical professional and feel like no one is listening, prescriptions are being thrown at your symptoms and no one is even searching for the root cause of your ailment, or you just feel like something is missing from your care, concierge medicine is your answer. Never settle for less than you deserve. Concierge Care can proactively thwart disease and sickness.

With LifeScape Concierge Care, we always incorporate a functional medicine approach. What does this mean for your preventative care? Functional medicine is a systematic process and diagnostic arsenal for evaluating the root contributors of health and disease. The goal with integrative and functional medicine is always to optimize health and reverse or prevent chronic disease.

LifeScape's Concierge Care program is for anyone who values additional one-on-one time, a personal ongoing relationship with their doctor and someone who truly has their best interest in regard to wellness at heart. Not someone who puts a band aid on the problem/issue, but dives in head first to get to that root and underlying cause to find the best solution for your unique needs. Think of our Concierge physicians as your personal, preventative health-care advisors and advocates. We are always here to help you manage and maintain your health and prevent any trouble before it begins.

In order to really get to the root of the problem and treat the issue, we devote the time needed to focus on your concerns. Always. Having fewer patients allows our physicians to spend more time with you. It is this personalized approach to your healthcare that truly makes a difference.

LifeScape's Concierge Care Program Boosts Preventative Care

Here is how:

  • Your physician is your trusted health guide. They can monitor your health and ensure that you are on the right track to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Their major focus is on your preventative healthcare.
  • It is about time. Receiving better health care centers on time. Concierge Care offers extended visits that allow ample time to address all of your concerns. We believe patients should have more time getting the attention and guidance needed from their physician to live the healthiest life possible. Enter LifeScape's Concierge Care. Your physician has enough time to spend with you to accomplish optimizing your fitness, sleep, nutrition and other aspects of your life.
  • Your Concierge physician is an advocate in the health system. Should you ever need assistance with specialized care, your Concierge physician will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. They will provide advice and advocacy to help you find the best specialists, oversee your care completely and make sure to offer their expert advice helping you decide on the best treatment plan for you. Because your physician knows you so well, they know what works well for you or what your challenges are. You never have to worry about important information getting lost or causing a potential medical error. Your Concierge physician always will have your back. Your Concierge physician will always have your best health interest at heart.

What is Stopping You? If you are not taking advantage of LifeScape's Concierge Care as your primary care, what is holding you back? You deserve to live a long, healthy life where you feel good every single day. Concierge Care allows you to step into your healthiest life with the guidance of a physician who knows you and always strives to empower you. You deserve no less. Schedule Your Appointment to Live Your Best Life Today.

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