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From Challenges to Transformation: A Patient’s Journey with LifeScape

Imagine you’re at one of the lowest points in your health. Your knees ache all the time, you’re unable to pursue the activities you once loved to do, and to make matters worse, you’re continuing to gain weight.

And then the doctor tells you that you need major surgery.

Undergoing a major surgery in this state, could result in terrible consequences. You know there’s no way you’ll be able to successfully recover and return to true health.

You know you need to turn things around before your surgery, but you’re not sure where to start...

This was where Randy was when he came to see us.

Randy is one of our wonderful LifeScape Premier patients, and fortunately for him, this story was only the beginning of what would soon be an incredible revitalization of his health.

The integrative physicians at LifeScape partnered with Randy and applied their deep expertise on whole health and transformative living to create a customized treatment plan that would turn every aspect of Randy’s life around and prepare him for surgery.

Dr. William Strohman worked particularly close with Randy during his journey. When asked about helping Randy’s progress, he shared, “I told him try to line up odds – try to get the best doctor, best facility, best rehab and add up the odds and stack them in your favor. This is exactly what he did, with some of our help and a lot of motivation on his end, too.”

After several months following the provided plan, Randy was practically a new man.

Here, he shares his story. We hope it inspires you to embrace whole health as much as it does us.

“At the end of 2017, it became clear to me that my only options to have pain free knees was to have them replaced. I did not get there all at once.  I had a multi-year downward spiral of knee pain, reduced activity, weight gain, more pain, even less activity ... and so on and so on.

I realized I wasn’t going to get better all at once either. I needed to spiral up now.  So I started with my primary care physician, Bill Strohman at LifeScape.  [I asked him], ‘how do we lose this weight gain? How’s my general health? Will you partner with me through this process?’

I wanted to own this journey not simply throw myself into the complicated healthcare world and have stuff done to me. Bill was great. We started on an intermittent fasting diet and I saw steady and gradual weight reduction, blood pressure lower, and general health improvement.

It took me almost 7 months but I finally hit my target weight losing 25 lbs. Only then did I allow myself to make appointments to interview surgeons.

But while my weight was down, my strength and conditioning were non-existent.  Again, I turned to LifeScape and asked [them] to work with me so I could carefully gain back what I had lost but do so in a manner that avoided injury which would have derailed my planned surgery and recovery. [LifeScape] slowly got me to where I needed to go.

By the time the day of surgery rolled around... I felt well prepared. And it paid off. My surgery went fantastic and I was up and walking the same day.

I’m sitting here now 6 weeks after surgery and while I’ve got a couple more hard months of physical therapy I’ve turned the corner.  Walking well, exercising, and committed to not returning to that downward spiral.

Take ownership of your health but partner with healthcare professionals who can guide and assist you. Thank you LifeScape for being such a caring partner in my journey to health and resiliency.”

And thank you, Randy, for inspiring us to continue to do the work we love to do: helping people find their way back to true vitality, health, and wellbeing.

We love helping patients revitalize their bodies, minds, and lives. It’s the driving force behind everything we do. If you identify with Randy, contact us - we’re here to support you on your wellness journey with care, compassion, and respect.

Are you finally ready to be free of chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalance, or any other health issues you might be experiencing? Let us help you find your way back to true health and vitality. Click to Book a Concierge Care meet & greet with LifeScape today!

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