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Stop Hair Loss: Tips for Prevention and Treatment

Experiencing hair loss is not fun - for anyone. It can feel embarrassing, disheartening, and confusing all at the same time. However, we have good news. Losing hair can be prevented - and even reversed - with the right practices and treatments. Here are some best practices and available options for promoting hair health.

Preventative Care is Key for Stopping Hair Loss

Losing hair can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons include age, stress, hormonal imbalance, nutrient-deficiencies, thyroid disease, anemia, and medications for heart disease. So, it is very important that you visit a doctor to make sure you have eliminated any other underlying causes of hair reduction. It is important not to ignore what could possibly be a health warning sign. However, if you are deemed healthy, it could be the right choice to seek out hair loss treatment from a medical aesthetician.

Address Hair Loss Early

Those who suffer from the early signs of hair loss are the ones who will respond the best to treatments. Like with anything else, the sooner you acknowledge it and begin to prevent it, the better the results. Maintaining and restoring your hair health is easiest at the beginning, so do not put off visiting a health professional.

Best Treatment for Preventing Hair Loss

Once you notice that you are losing hair, visit a health professional to determine what sort of steps to take next. One of the best natural and scientifically proven treatments that we recommend is PRP Hair Restoration Treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment decreases and prevents the loss of your hair. This breakthrough injection procedure of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a service from Lifescape Premier that will provide you with the latest in anti-aging hair treatments.

PRP Treatment Promotes Hair Growth

This hair restoration treatment does more than just prevent hair loss. PRP stimulates the growth phase in the hair follicle which promotes hair growth and works to thicken the hair. This treatment usually takes only 30 minutes with no down-time and treatments are typically performed:

  • Once a month for the first three to four months
  • Every three to six months -thereafter (depending upon the individual patient’s response and results)

The first result that a patient notices once starting the treatment is decreased shedding. This is generally followed by early regrowth and an increased length in hair. It is safe to say that this natural treatment can definitely feel like a miracle for those who are suffering from losing their hair.

Losing hair does not have to be the end of the world. With early attention and prevention, your hair can be restored to its natural beauty and thickness.


Looking to restore your hair to its natural beauty? Check out Lifescape Premier’s PRP Hair Restoration Treatment. This treatment is designed to boost follicle rejuvenation and prevent further loss of hair. Increase your hair growth and rejuvenate your hair health by booking a PRP Hair Restoration Treatment today!





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