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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Chat with Dr. McMillen

For Breast Cancer Awareness month we sat down with LifeScape physician Dr. Zoë McMillen for an intimate chat about risk factors, screenings, and steps we can take to help prevent breast cancer.

Love Yourself to Health: The 2019 Self Care Event You Can't Miss

You’ve heard it before: self-care is something that should never be compromised. Despite the phrase sounding a bit “woo woo” at times, there are some very real consequences that can arise from not...

Tips on Wellness from Dr. Laurie Pozun, DO [Interview]

Dr. Laurie Pozun is more than just your typical family medicine practitioner.

Mindful Parenting: Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy

Mindful parenting doesn’t start once you have children of your own. It starts when you decide to  try to conceive and have a family. There is a lot to be done before welcoming a child into the...

Easy Lifestyle Hacks to Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

We get it: life is stressful. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up with the little things. Combine that with genetic factors and lifestyle habits, and it’s no wonder that high blood...