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Tips on Wellness from Dr. Laurie Pozun, DO [Interview]

Dr. Laurie Pozun is more than just your typical family medicine practitioner.

She’s seriously passionate about creating a patient-centric experience, not just for one visit, but for all of your visits. To her, you’re not just a number or a report she needs to file later: you’re a person with specific health needs, a life, and a family.

True to the LifeScape Premier philosophy, Dr. Pozun truly enjoys getting to know each patient and their families.

She understands the importance of family, relationships and whole-family care – all of which are paramount in customizing successful wellness and treatment plans for your specific needs.

As she says, “I place the highest value on truly listening to my patients concerns, and have always felt that a physician’s ears are their best diagnostic tool. I consider it a privilege to be entrusted with the care of each and every patient in my practice and strive to provide an easy-going, comfortable atmosphere for patients to discuss their issues.”

In addition to her deep well of compassion, Dr. Pozun is highly qualified.

She attended Southwest Missouri State University on a full, academic scholarship. There, she received a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Magna Cum Laude and Phi Kappa Phi.

She then obtained a Doctor of Osteopathy from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois and completed a one-year, Internal Medicine internship at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Following her internship, Dr. Pozun completed three-years of specialty training in Family Medicine at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale where she was Chief Resident and nominated for the James-Grobe Award for excellence in Family Medicine.

She has a passion for promoting wellness and prevention of disease, with the ultimate goal of keeping patients as healthy as possible and which helps them avoid illness and hospitalization.

We asked Dr. Laurie Pozun to share with us her expert thoughts on healthcare, family medicine, self-care rituals, and advice on living a healthy life. Here’s what she had to say.


How to Live a Healthier Life: Thoughts & Advice from Dr. Laurie Pozun, DO

What made you decide to go into medicine?

I always loved the idea of being a physician as I truly enjoy helping people feel their very best. Medicine is always evolving, interesting and challenging.

What do you love about practicing family medicine?

Family Medicine allows me to have the unique opportunity of guiding the healthcare of entire families, sometimes with multiple generations, which is rewarding and always enjoyable.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the LifeScape Premier team?

I have been with Lifescape since we opened 15+ years ago and was drawn to the patient-centric rather than insurance-centric approach.

We focus on the finding the root cause of problems ideally before they become issues. It truly is an integrative practice blending traditional medicine with a functional emphasis.

What do you feel is the biggest issue in healthcare today?

The biggest issue we face today in medicine is balancing the best medical care possible in the setting of an insurance based, hit and run type of medical model. This does not allow doctors to have the time to to fully evaluate medical conditions.

This model values quick visits with prescriptions rather than addressing root causes with cures through diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle modification.

What do you feel is the greatest value patients receive when choosing concierge medicine?

Concierge Medicine allows the patient to establish a relationship with their physician that is not restricted in the ways that the insurance models dictate.

We have significantly more time to spend with our patients and our patients have 24/7 access to their concierge doctor through email, text, or phone call.

This allows us to look at health problems  in-depth and promote wellness through a much more integrative approach.

If you could give patients just ONE piece of advice to live a healthier life, what would it be?

I like to remind my patients to just try to live in the present.

When we think of what has happened in our past, we often find ourselves depressed. If we worry about the future, then we get anxious.

When we focus on the present, we can be at peace. So much of our physical health is intertwined with good mental health.

Do you have any self-care rituals that you practice regularly?

I practice calming and re-focusing by taking several deep breaths a few times every day.

What should your patients know before coming to see you?

Most patients that seek a concierge physician are at a point in their lives where they want to make sure they are doing everything that is possible to keep themselves feeling as healthy for as long as they can.

Or, others want a close and trusting relationship with their provider and appointments that are relaxed and not rushed.

I have an integrative approach in that I was traditionally trained at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale and I have a special interest in functional medicine.

I find solutions to health problems upstream before they become major issues.

Do you have an inspirational patient story that you could share?

I find inspiration in all of my patients. I think of each patient as a member of my own family and want to work closely with each patient long term to help them achieve the best health and best version of themselves.

Are you interested in becoming part of this incredible, patient-centric healthcare community? Dr. Pozun is one of our compassionate, qualified medical providers but her attitude speaks volumes about how we at LifeScape feel about healthcare.

Do you need help finding the right health plan for your lifestyle? We can help! Our motto is “whole health for a whole life” and we can help you get there. Click to Book a Meet & Greet today!

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