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Posted on / Dr. Susan Wilder

The End of Alzheimer's with Dr. Bredesen


Over the years, we’ve talked a lot about Dr. Dale Bredeson and his revolutionary research & protocols for restoring brain health. His research, using the functional medicine strategies we’ve been practicing for 17 years, gave us hope that cognitive impairment and dementia could potentially be reversed or at least staved off. Sadly, standard medical treatment for memory problems has been disappointing at best, with the most “successful” therapies modestly slowing decline. No medication has been shown to meaningfully improve cognitive function.

Dr. Bredeson inspired us to initiate cognitive screening many years ago and we’ve already seen significant success in many patients who’ve gotten tested and engaged in his protocols. Small shifts in habits and mindset can have a massive impact.

Our goal is that none of our patients outlive their brain.

Therefore, we are excited to announce Dr. Bredeson’s updated book, The End of Alzheimer’s Program is now available! We highly recommend anyone concerned about memory or brain injury, listen to the functional medicine intensive Broken Brain podcast with Drhu Pruohit. Listen to Drhu's recent interview with Dr. Bredeson here.


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