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Top 25 Doctors In Concierge Medicine

Join us in congratulating Dr. Susan Wilder who is once again being recognized as one of the Top 25 Doctors by Concierge Medicine Today!

25 Physicians have been named 'Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine’ for 2020-2021 by Concierge Medicine Today. This national trade publication’s recognition is a distinction held by less than 1% of doctors across the country every two years.

“Top Doctor recognition is always tough because we receive so many great nominations about so many wonderful Doctors every two years,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. “It’s particularly challenging this year because so many Doctors and their staff are working diligently to address COVID-19 in their communities on top of a consistent workload and daily visits with their Patients. We recognize that every Doctor today is facing impossible odds, putting themselves at risk, sacrificing time with their family, facing constant opposition from what seems to be all around them and you rarely receive the respect, honor or gratitude you so deserve. Every Doctor we speak with deserves our gratitude and respect. We’ve also learned over the years from so many of you that what differentiates the good from the great … is that the great ones understand that in today’s culture, it’s no longer about being the best Doctor in the world — it’s about being the best Doctor FOR the world and the community around which the Physician lives and works.”

Dr. Susan Wilder, in addition to being the CEO and Founder of LifeScape, is Board-Certified in Family Medicine and a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. She earned a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine, has advanced training in Clinical Genomics, completed a fellowship in Faculty Development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended the Air Force’s School of Aerospace Medicine. She studied meditation with Deepak Chopra, brain health with Dr. Daniel Amen, human motivation with Tony Robbins, and Functional Medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Wilder has served on the faculty of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She also teaches medical students from The University of Arizona and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences.

“Health is far more than just the absence of disease and our healthcare arsenal requires far more than a barrage of tests and a prescription pad. To be “LifeScaped” is a transformative experience involving listening, engaging, collaborating and reawakening hope.” ~Susan Wilder, MD

Interested in working with one of LifeScape's Top Docs? Learn more about LifeScape's Concierge Care program.

Resources: https://conciergemedicinetoday.org/2020/04/15/meet-the-top-doctors-in-concierge-medicine-25-of-2020/


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