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Dr. Wilder: 2023 Phoenix Magazine Top Docs

We are thrilled to congratulate our very own, Dr. Wilder, on receiving 2023 Top Docs honors by PHOENIX Magazine, bringing LifeScape's Top Doc recognitions to a total of 32!

Phoenix Magazine is an award-winning local publication that reports health and lifestyle-related news to the Greater Phoenix area. For more than 20 years, they have honored the Valley’s Top Doctors, based on a survey and voting by healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties throughout the Valley.

Each year, a select group of medical physicians are honored with the title “Top Doc," after being selected and voted on by their peers within the local medical community. Once votes are finalized and collected by the magazine's editorial team, the list is finalized based on overall peer reviews within each specialty category. 

”It’s immensely gratifying to be honored in this way by our medical peers,” said LifeScape CEO Dr. Susan Wilder. "What's more rewarding though is having so many in the medical community choose us for their own care."

This brings Lifescape's total number of Top Doc recognitions to an impressive - 32!

LifeScape is truly the Valley’s leader in Family, Functional, and Concierge Medicine. 


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