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Posted on / Dr. Susan Wilder

My Praise of Dr. McGee, LifeScape's Aesthetics Injector

Hey, this is Dr. Susan Wilder here! If you’ve been by the office recently you’ve seen me showing off my "facelift" from Dr. Heather McGee, our Aesthetics Injector. 


Dr. McGee joined LifeScape a couple of months ago, and she brings to us an incredible wealth of experience not only in all aesthetics injections but in injections in a variety of other areas including pain, migraines, headaches, scarring, etc. 

She is incredibly knowledgeable and is really gentle. I don’t even have a visible bruise that I can tell you about and I thought I was going to have a permanent mask face from the last couple of years but here I am going into my 60th birthday. 

Between Dr. McGee and the brilliant work that Noelle does, with the resurfacing and Profound tightening, I am looking at my 60th birthday and I think doing really awesome. 

So if you have a moment, visit our aesthetics informational page or use the form below to book a complimentary consultation with Noelle or a facial assessment with Dr. McGee. They are both incredible and I am so grateful for them. 

If you look good you feel good and that is a part of health!

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