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Schedule & Live Sessions

How to Join

To join a live session, click on the link below and enter the passcode. Once you join, you will have the option to turn your video on so others in the call can see you. You will also have the option to unmute yourself when prompted by Dana to ask a question during the live call.


Dana's live sessions will be conducted monthly on the third Thursday of the month. We strongly encourage you to mark your calendar so you don't miss these sessions and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have!


  • January 19 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • February 16 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • March 16 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • April 20 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • May 18 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • June 15 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • July 20 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • August 17 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • September 21 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • October 19 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • November 16 @ 12:00pm MST US Time
  • December 21 @ 12:00pm MST US Time

Ask a Question

Do you have a burning question that’s not answered in the Conversations? Fill out this form. We’ll select a portion of pre-submitted questions to answer during the live calls.

Our goal is to tackle the questions and themes that can serve the most people. Not every question submitted will be answered.

Watch Dana's Videos + Past Recordings

Quick Video Tips

Here Dana shares her 'Pearls of Wisdom' to help you elevate your kitchen and cooking experience.

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Make the Freezer Your Best Friend

HubSpot Video

Find More Ease in the Kitchen