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Managing Anxiety: 3 Simple Steps to Big Change

Anxiety is one of the more difficult conditions to deal with. If you suffer from severe anxiety and anxiety attacks it can be frustrating because many people don’t understand what you’re going through. They may tell you “Oh, don’t worry so much,” but if you’re an anxiety sufferer, you know that’s not what it really is. Because anxiety is an invisible condition, it’s difficult for some people to sympathize and empathize if they aren’t experiencing it too.

Present day, there are a number of factors that can worsen or trigger anxiety in individuals, including stressors like COVID-19, finances, and job security.

However, there are simple things you can do each day to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and help you return to loving life. Adopting these activities and strategies can go a long way to not letting anxiety control your life.

Below are just a few of the things you can do each day to alleviate your anxiety.

Exercise To Reduce Anxiety 

Fitting in just a quick 30-minute workout every day can do a lot to alleviate anxiety. When we exercise, our bodies are filled with endorphins, the feel-good hormone, which can boost your mood and promote relaxation. Additionally, studies are showing that being warm, or having elevated body heat, can help to promote relaxation too. Don't worry if you don't have the equipment or stamina for an intense workout, even a 30-minute walk is a great way to combat symptoms of anxiety.

Less Coffee, Less Stress

If you depend on your daily cup of joe, this may be easier said than done. But while the caffeine in coffee can give you that extra kick of energy, it can also make you more anxious. And if you’re an anxiety sufferer, this may be a huge contributing factor to your symptoms. If you need a caffeine alternative, switch to tea as opposed to soda because sugar isn’t great for anxiety either. A cup of green tea has less caffeine and other great health benefits!

Watch What You Eat To Alleviate Anxiety 

No, we don’t mean you should cut out your favorite foods. But rather, there are foods that are known to increase anxiety, and foods that are known to alleviate it. Limiting caffeine, alcohol, and sugars could potentially help you feel better overall, while foods like blueberries and peaches have been known to relieve stress. Whole grains and oats can help to increase levels of serotonin which can assist in mood elevation. Try out these additional foods that can also help ease anxiety.

While there is no magic cure for anxiety, you can certainly manage it so it doesn’t affect your life as much. If you suffer from a form of anxiety, try these simple tips to focus on yourself during tough periods of time.

If you think you suffer from an anxiety disorder, it’s important to seek out a professional opinion. Contact us today to set up your functional medicine consult.

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