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Posted on / Dr. Laurie Pozun

Rethink That Drink….Benefits To a Dry Month

As we get into the new year, having taken another trip around the sun, it is helpful to reflect on the behaviors, habits and activities that can affect our health and wellness. 

Alcohol consumption is a slippery slope discussion. Society has fully ingrained in us that drinking alcohol is our right of passage into adulthood, and is a means to relax and unwind. It is ever present with virtually all gatherings, celebrations, meals and social interactions. 

Yet, alcohol remains the leading factor for death and disability. Furthermore, a global 2018 study validated that NO amount of alcohol ingestion actually improves health, and any amount long term can be detrimental. 

Let’s swallow that information and really let it digest…

So, what are some potential benefits to “going dry” for a month or longer? 

Here are ten possible benefits of a dry month, to name a few:

  1. We become more mindful to reduce alcohol consumption year-round after experiencing the benefits of a dry month

  2. Improved mental health

  3. Better sleep

  4. Weight loss

  5. Stronger immune systems

  6. Gut health substantially improves

  7. Aging process slows and intracellular health improves with reduced toxic, free radical load caused by alcohol

  8. Metabolic improvement

  9. Potential reversal of disease

  10. Improved skin health and glow

What steps can be taken to succeed in having a dry month?

When it comes to change, you can be your biggest supporter, or worst enemy. Here are a few things you can do to support yourself in achieving a dry January, February or any other month:

  • Eliminate temptations. Throw away any alcohol and do not purchase it.

  • Let family and friends know you will be alcohol free at any social gatherings, or avoid parties or events where people will be drinking

  • Try mocktails without alcohol (try these delicious mocktails our Functional Dietitian recommends)

  • Communicate clearly with family and friends to stay dry and ask for their support

  • Reset your routine. Instead of wine at night try club soda, a soothing cup of tea or wine substitutes, meditation, journaling, or taking a walk

  • Try one the emerging ‘alcohol alternatives’ like Stop Your Wine-ing, for example

  • Track your progress

  • Enlist the help of apps to promote a dry month: TryDry app, Sunnyside app, Reframe app are some examples

At LifeScape, we persistently emphasize the impact small steps can have on overall health and well-being, and tirelessly support our patients in achieving transformational health. 

We encourage you to try a dry month this year and reap the benefits to your health!

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