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Life With A Concierge Doctor by Your Side

Picture this. It’s 8:45 p.m. and you have just arrived at the pharmacy after a long day of work. You get to the counter to pick up your prescription, only for the pharmacy to tell you they no longer have the antibiotic that your provider sent in for you today. What do you do?

This exact situation, among other frustrating occurrences, happens often. However, your choice of physician and who you entrust your care to can greatly affect your outcome and experience in these scenarios. 

Here are three real life situations I recently experienced that highlight how your concierge doctor can provide you with peace of mind in even the most stressful times. 

Do any of these ring true for you?

Oh no, your prescription is unavailable!

Just last week I had a patient arrive at the pharmacy to discover they were out of antibiotics. In a routine practice, you would have to call the on-call provider and rehash your story which can wastes valuable time and can be frustrating, especially if you are not feeling well. 

With concierge care, you can just call me (or your personal concierge doctor)! Together, we’ll find a 24-hour pharmacy that has the prescription in stock and can send it over immediately so you can begin feeling better quickly. This is just ONE of many differences between a routine practice and a concierge practice. 

The real cause of the pain

A teenage patient was going to the emergency room with some abdominal pain. The father called me asking if this was the appropriate thing to do. I listened to the details of the situation and agreed that this was the best course of action. Once the family was in the emergency room, the blood panel and CT scan came back normal but the discomfort continued and the father called me back. I let him know that there are sometimes atypical causes for abdominal discomfort in children including pneumonia and potentially testicular issues. Shortly thereafter the father said they did an ultrasound of the testicle and found a torsed testicle (essentially twisting on its own blood supply!) and had to have surgery. I was happy to be able to offer guidance and peace of mind, and they were grateful to receive it!

Illness away from home

I’ve had several patients traveling abroad come down with a cold or sinus infection, and not know how to assess urgent care or emergency rooms. It is quite convenient to give us a call and set up a telephone visit to possibly triage things over the phone, recommend over-the-counter products, and potential antibiotics, or if truly an emergency or urgent care setting would be appropriate. 

I have to admit, not ALL circumstances go smoothly and efficiently but with Lifescape, you always have us in your corner to advocate and to think outside of the box. This is where having a concierge doctor in your corner to bounce ideas off of is sometimes an invaluable resource.

We encourage our patients to always take full advantage of their concierge care program. If you have any questions, please contact pwynne@lifescapepremier.com

With Concierge Care at LifeScape, Dr. Strohman and our other talented physicians treat you as a whole person. Our functional and integrative approach takes into consideration your history, genetic risks, and lifestyle, to get to the roots of your conditions and solve them in a holistic way.



We encourage our patients to prioritize their mental well-being and collaborate with Dr. Lisa Strohman to support them in doing so. Integrating your mental wellness, along with your physical well-being, is key to transformational health. 


“Do you find that some days you feel you are carrying around a boulder, while other days you float through the air? Some days are just heavy - physically, emotionally, or spiritually. On heavy days it’s important to extend yourself grace, do the simple things that ground you and allow you to release the weight you are carrying. Take a deep breath, think through the emotions you are holding, write them down and let them go. The ebbs and flows of everyday life can take a hold of us if we are not careful. Protect yourself from getting pulled down by the weight. If it’s heavy, put it down. You do not need to carry it” 

- Dr. Lisa Strohman

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