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Mindfulness, Consciousness + Psychedelics

What is Mindfulness or Consciousness?

I don't think many people pose this question to themselves, but many could benefit from asking it.

Whatever we choose to pay attention to starts to build our...

Why Did I Get Cancer?

I’ve recently had a very personal encounter with this very question.

The ApoE Gene: Diet & Lifestyle Modifications

Genes control the function of every cell in your body. Some genes determine basic characteristics, such as the color of your eyes and hair. Certain genes make you more likely to develop diseases. The...

Memory: What Can We Do?

As physicians - we try to prevent disease as much as possible. The focus is typically on preventing an acute heart attack, stroke or certain preventable cancers. As Americans age, we are seeing more...

The Importance of Metabolic Flexibility

What is Metabolic Flexibility?

The fancy, medical dictionary explanation is the ability to respond or adapt to changes in metabolic demand. It is an ability of the human body to burn and utilize...