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Fitness & Wellness Are Always In Style, Especially in a Digital World

LifeScape contributed to the following for MASK's Winter 2020 Magazine, The Digital Etiquette Issue. To learn more about MASK and their mission to engage and educate parents, children and the community about the issues facing youth and to empower children to make safe, healthy choices [click here]. "In this day and age of globalization and digital technology, we are raising our children to be true global citizens. It is just as important to give them "tech wings" to navigate the technology world staying informed in a forever changing landscape, as it is to provide them "wellness wings" to always balance life with overall fitness and wellness.

Some of the clinical benefits of fitness and exercise wellness are maintaining a healthy weight, reducing risks of chronic disease, promoting brain health and... drumroll please... it can make you feel good! I often tell our amazing 11-year old son when we work out together that, "Fitness is a natural way to increase those feel good endorphins." The reason I always share that with him is to instill another positive model of wellness that he can take with him in life.

In today's world, especially with the increase of technology, excessive device usage can cause potentially negative clinical effects such as sleep deprivation, distraction or depression. The positive benefits of fitness and wellness are essential to balance our overall health.

Twenty-twenty has been the year of the Global Pandemic. A paradigm shift in digital technology and resources in many cases became the main form of communication and implementation. For example, with schools, a Google Meet class, video lessons and online educational resources became the norm. A Zoom birthday for digital exchanges of fun moments with friends. This is all the more that physical fitness, active outdoor recess and overall wellness are essential to keep all of us in a healthy balance. Mindfulness, sports, outdoors, good nutrition, faith and fun... are all wellness components that we can benefit from.

I am passionate about fitness and nutrition, so for my family they are key components to maintain our overall wellness. Fitness and exercise wellness can include whatever you want it to for fun and to stay healthy. Some of our family favorites are running with our pup, scootering, hiking, club swim team for our son, and just taking a family walk to be present with each other and enjoy the sweet and precious moments of life. We love vacation beach runs, boogie boarding and golf. Fitness and wellness for YOUR soul... do what makes you happy and always model those great life examples for your children!"


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Resources: https://www.maskmatters.org/online-publications/the-digital-etiquette-issue/

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