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Transform Your Grocery List with 5 Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating can seem really hard sometimes (or all the time, let’s be honest). You know that it’s good for you, you know (in theory) that it’s supposed to make your mind and body feel better, but yet, it’s so difficult to start those good habits. We get it. Frozen pizza is its own special kind of heaven.

Unfortunately, all of that processed, quick-eat, frozen and boxed goodness is wreaking havoc on your entire wellbeing. We believe that feeling good in your mind, body, and soul starts with what you put into your stomach. And what you put into your stomach, starts with what you’re purchasing at the grocery store.

We want to help you change some of your shopping habits so you can start feeling better, both physically and mentally. Here’s our quick guide to grocery shopping to get you started.

The Healthy Eating Guide to Grocery Shopping

Have a plan before you go.

Having some meals and ingredients planned for the week ahead of time will help you to start your shopping off on the right foot. It can be easy to fall back into grabbing some quick and easy boxed meals if you don’t know what you’re going to make in the first place. Create a plan at home, write down the ingredients you need to create the healthy meals you want, and then go to the store. With a list in hand, you’ll have much more clarity and focus which will ultimately help you to make better food choices.

Don’t (seriously, don’t) shop when you’re hungry.

When you’re starving, tiny, processed and packaged donuts have never looked so good. They are practically the cartoon mirage of an oasis in a desert when you grocery shop on an empty stomach. So, don’t do it. If you want to try to stick to your plan of making healthier choices, have a healthy snack or meal prior to entering the grocery store. You’ll be able to stick to your goals and not be as tempted by all of the sugary snacks in front of you.

Bring your reading glasses.

If you do need to buy some pre-made ingredients for your meal plan, make sure to read the ingredients list. Pay attention to the amount of sugar and sodium in any given product, and avoid partially hydrogenated oils and trans fat. Basically, if there are a lot of chemicals or words you don’t recognize, plus high amounts of sugar and sodium, put the package back. It’s just not worth it.

When in doubt, stick with the raw stuff.

If you’re just not sure if something is good or bad for you (especially in a box or jar), try to find a raw alternative. Pretty much anything in the fruit and produce aisle is a giant “yes!” You’ll be sure to find items with a ton of vitamins, minerals, and good-for-you stuff if you stick with raw fruits and vegetables. Plus, healthy eating meal plans pretty much always call for them!

Be kind to yourself.

Don’t ever beat yourself up if you make a mistake or cave and order pizza after a busy day for your family. Making a transition is difficult, especially once your body is trained to crave excess sugar or salt. New habits take a lot time and effort, but we promise that once you make the switch to healthy eating, you’ll feel better than ever! It’s definitely worth the energy. So stick with it, you beautiful grocery warriors!

Need a more personalized nutrition and diet plan?

At LifeScape Premier, we are so lucky to provide our patients with guidance and customized plans from Bonnie Roill, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has been helping people find their way to healthy eating for 35 years and she can create an individualized diet and nutrition plan just for you.

Everyone’s body is different, so we use advanced diagnostic testing first and foremost and consider lifestyle factors, age and patient history to create a customized plan for each one of our patients. A personalized approach is paramount to getting you on a path to good health, wellness and individual vitality.

Before making any big changes in your diet, we recommend visiting with Bonnie and the amazing team of doctors at LifeScape Premier. They can meet with you to understand your personal story and health needs and complete a comprehensive health evaluation.

Looking for more healthy eating, fitness, and overall wellness tips? Book a Consultation with Lifescape Premier today!




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